J2 430 Multi-Use Curved Hook

Size: 4
Pack Size: 50
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Customer Reviews

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David A.
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What good are economical hooks when you can only use 25% of them? My experiences are only for size 18, 20 and 22. Before you put these in the vise...make sure that the entire eye is there, some of mine are missing, some of them aren't even closed down so thread gets inside the eye. While in the vise, don't crimp the barb with the vise, they will break. While tying, watch your thread tension as something as tightening your whip finish down will snap the hook. While fishing, use only 7x tippet and fish only 4" trout as anything bigger will snap the hook.

Matt O.
This is an amazing...

This is an amazing hook. Like all in the J2 line, the quality is excellent and affordable. It's available in such a range of sizes that it's become my go-to fly for all hoppers, plus many nymphs and streamers as well.

I really like J....

I really like J. Stockard hooks normally, they offer a good quality at insanely cheap prices. I might have just gotten dud batches with this round but about half of the entire pack in 3 different sizes are missing small chunks of hook material from the lower bend of the hook. Any small amount of pressure applied to the lower bend or point will snap the entire point off. Luckily these are so cheap I still came out ahead even after throwing out half of them. They work great for terrestrials, stonefly nymphs, and anything else that can utilize a long curved shank.