Forked Bling Tails

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Size: Big Game
Color: black / fl. green glow in dark
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Customer Reviews

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Lisa D.

This is a review of the product before actual use. This is my initial impression. The tails themselves look a little cheesy. However, I've read reviews elsewhere that indicate the tails move well in the water. Since there aren't measurements available on the website, I thought it might be helpful to know that size medium tail has maximum width of 3/8 in. When curled up (Not stretched out) the whole tail is 1-3/8" W, not measuring across the forked part. Because they look so small in the package, I mistakenly ordered two more packages of medium, thinking I was ordering up a size. Nope. I now have three packages of medium. Duh.
What I really like are the connectors. There is a forked bling tail connector kit available, and if Stockard stocked it I would have bought these instead of the actual tails and used them on the Pacchiarini tails (which I might still do!). I like that this product comes with the wire, barrel swivels, and the little plugs. The barrel swivels may help prevent line twist that has been known to occur with a different brand of tail. However, these and the Pacchiarini tails may be light enough that it's not an issue.
BTW, I ordered or/y, holo silver/blk, and pink/blk. The colors have been true to the website.

I bought two packs...

I bought two packs of these to try out. The size of the tails make the wind catch the fly while casting (not a big surprise), and the combination of spiral cut and stiff material of the tail causes the fly to spin while airborne. My line gets so twisted after a few casts that I spend more effort keeping it straight than I do fishing.