Fly Tying Tool Gift Set

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Customer Reviews

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Robert H.
I just started tying...

I just started tying my own flies and couldn't be happier with this quality set of tools. It has everything you need to start tying. The ceramic bobbin is awesome. I have another cheapo metal bobbin that must have a burr because it frays my thread and cuts my mono, but the Dr. Slick ceramic bobbin is very smooth. The case is also a fly display box, which is pretty neat.

My wife got this...

My wife got this for me for Christmas years ago when I started tying. I am still using the tools to this day. Quality stuff.

Patrick H.
Great starter kit for...

Great starter kit for the beginner or casual fly tier. Scissors work great and are able to snip the smallest pieces of material with precision. Hair stacker works good. Hackle pliers are ok, but not the greatest. Material slips out with too much tension and can be frustrating at times, but do work good if your careful. Bodkin is great and bobbin threader work great and so does the whip finish tool. Bobbin works ok, but doesn't hold the spool as tight as I think it should. Tough to get the spool on, but I think it's the material that is holding the spool is so slick that the spool of thread just slips easily. Other then that, it works great and never broken a thread. The foam insert cutout is not the right shape of the whip finish tool. How can you mess that up? No idea, but for the price paid for the kit, it should be a perfect fit.. Overall it's a good buy and I'm happy with it for the most part. If you want something better, well, you pay twice as much just like most other products out there.