Fish-Skull Senyo's Articulated Shank

Size: 25mm
Color: black
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Customer Reviews

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Adam W.
Senyo's Steelhead Shanks are...

Senyo's Steelhead Shanks are the perfect base on which to build almost every intruder you can invent or tie. They fit easily into vise jaws and have nice looking colors. There is only one downside as I see it, which is only minor. If you tie any intruders with bead heads or cone heads, you would definitely want to use a specialized shank or a long hook cut off at the bend.

Paul S.
I love these shanks...

I love these shanks for all my articulated "intruder style" fly patterns... I particularly like these shanks because they fit in my vise like a regular hook does and I don't have to adjust my vise at all to use these shanks. Big advantage over standard Waddington shanks. I use the 40mm shanks with standard sized intruder wire and a #4 Gamakatsu Octopus stinger hook and I use the 25mm shank with 50lb Power Pro braided line and the same Gama. Octo. stinger hooks with great results and performance.

David Z.
Great for wiggly trout...

Great for wiggly trout streamers, bass, pike, and salt flies, or anything you want to grow to monstrous proportions. If you have the urge to tie 10"+ flies, these little guys will help. They only got 4 stars because I have to twist and reshape each one to keep the ends straight while tying in.