Dubbing Rake and Teaser

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Customer Reviews

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Jerod G.
Great value and time saver

Does a great job of making dubbing from pelts. Automatically blend the covers into a nice dubbing. Awesome price.

Elvin D.
I purchased this Rake...

I purchased this Rake after looking at a ceramic rake costing tons of money more and was not sure it would work. This Rake is absolutely awesome, I used it on a Badger pelt raking with the hair to remove underfur for dubbing. I love it and will be ordering one for my son with my next order.
Have a great and blessed day, go fishing if you get the chance.

Gian A.
I find this tool...

I find this tool very valuable as a dubbing rake, when I want dubbing from a hare's mask or other materials. When using it with a hare's mask, one obtains a nice blend of guard hairs and softer, differently colored underfur. It can be useful with synthetic materials, too, as another review mentioned.

However, I prefer to use a softer, smaller dubbing teaser on most (smaller) trout flies, such as a thin piece of Velcro (the rough part) mounted on a wooden coffee stirrer, reserving this tool for big stoneflies, other large dubbed nymphs and streamers, etc.