Dry Fly Saddle - Pro Grade

Color: dyed black
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Customer Reviews

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John D.
Bought this and saw...

Bought this and saw the price and I was very nervous. It came in the mail and I was stunned at the amount I was given. Says it can tie about 787 flies which is more than I can handle. Quality is very professional grade and might never have to buy more hackle ever again.

Great quality hackle at...

Great quality hackle at a great price! Can always count on JS to have stock.

Paul S.
When it comes to...

When it comes to dry fly hackle, there is nothing better than Whiting Farms hackles, period.
Because of how Whiting gades their pelts and capes, it doesn't matter the grade, the individual feathers are all the same high quality. Whiting grades their pelts and capes based off of the amount of flies it can tie, which is typically several hundred flies (sometimes more), even on their lowest grade (Pro Grade).
Each individual feather is uniform in size, they all have high barb density and each feather is capable of tying several flies (sometimes a dozen or more depending on the pattern and size of fly). The color spectrums of the feathers are vast and beautiful, particularly the naturals, which are phenomenal! Which is also one reason why there are a lot of "hackle junkies" and collectors, myself included...