Cinnamon Tip Turkey Tail Feathers

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Customer Reviews

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I use these on...

I use these on some of my muddler minnow patterns, and as backs on some of my other flies. Great quality, great value, very useful.

Samuel R.
I was very happy...

I was very happy with this order, good looking feather that tied some great flies

Paul S.
I purchased several packages...

I purchased several packages of these feathers to fill a fly order I had. What I found out was that many of the "matched pairs" of feathers per package were inconsistent with each other... 1 of 4 packaged pairs I got had great coloration and matched well, which I'd give that package a 5 star rating, where as the other packaged feathers were more dull in color and very uneven sided. There was 1 package of the 4 I ordered that I could only use 1 side of 1 feather. That package would get a 2 star rating. Another package, though had great coloration and marked well, was too short fibered to use for the purpose I bought them for. A 3 star on that one. The other package in my order, not only were the feathers also uneven sided but were also a lot more dull in coloration, almost grey, and were border line being a "mottled turkey" rather than the cinnamon tip. Some coloration differences are expected from a natural feather, but the uneven sides were somewhat of a let down, for me. What I didn't use of the 4 packages I ordered, will still be used in other applications, but had I been able to "hand select" the feathers in the packages, I would have been much happier with what I got and given a 5 star rating for all 4 packages. On the plus side of these feathers, the fibers are quite strong and the feathers themselves are nicely long. Long enough that I got 6+ dozen flies out of one side of 1 feather that I used to wrap the bodies on dry flies with. Over all, these are nice feathers and I would probably order them again...