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Customer Reviews

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Auto bobbin is tops

Best tying tool since the invention of the fly tying vise. Saves a ton of time not having to rewind all the time Lee from a previous post has a problem with the thread going back into the bobbin when he cuts the thread. After you tie off the thread, before you cut it simply pull the thread out until you feel the clutch slip and pull another 3 or four inches and stop. When you lift the bobbin towards the hook, the thread will retract and stop with the 3 or 4 inches you went past the clutch sticking out of the bobbin Use dental floss threaders from the pharmacy to thread your bobbins. If your bobbin has a ceramic tip, squeeze the loop in the threader and push it in from the outer end. If you go from the bottom, it will probably get hung up on the ceramic insert. If you are on a budget get several sizes of white thread and load your spools. Get a set of colored permanent markers. Most of the time the only part of the thread that shows is the thread head or bright spot, so just color the last 8 inches of thread I try to get the students in my classes to at least try my Nor bobbins. A true 5 star product!

John T.
I agree with Lee...

I agree with Lee that there is a leraning curve; but at the end of the curve there is a pot of gold. This bobbin resolves all the problems associated with winding extra thread back onto the spool before you can finish the fly. No matter how fast you tie, this bobbin will increase your speed and accuracy. Loading the Nor Vise bobbin is a breeze ( I use a drill which works great; with no additional twist in the thread; which was my first concern.) All around great bobbin. When you first get the bobbin; take some thread you never use and a large hook and spend an hour or so just playing with it. You will find out in no time that you will have it mastered.

Dennis R.
I just received my...

I just received my Nor-Vise bobbin this week and used it for the first time. I definitely concur with the other two reviews that there is a learning curve. On the positive side the rewinding feature is really great and makes it very easy to adjust your thread length. Even though I am very inexperienced with the bobbin I found I could apply thread very fast. As mentioned if you forget to hold the thread when you cut then it rewinds back on the spool. With experience I am confident this will become a favored tool.