637 BL 1X Short Heavy Nymph Hook

Size: 6
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Customer Reviews

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A. B.
These hooks are great...

These hooks are great for general nymph tying if you need something compact but I especially love them for wets and spiders. In the smaller sizes you can get a really nice pattern to imitate those smaller mayflies and not keep shrinking your hook size. I mostly use these hooks for spiders or a flymphs as a higher water column fly above my heavier dropper fly. They are really sharp and the barbless hooks let you get a quick release.

I made the grave...

I made the grave mistake of only ordering one pack of these when trying them out for the first time. I quickly ran out when I realized that I needed to change all of my blob flies over to this hook. I use blob/daphnia cluster flies a lot and was really tired of all the poor hook sets. These really changed the game for me. Get yourself a few packs of size 14 and tie some up.

Al A.
This is my hook...

This is my hook for mop flies. You can use a bigger bead than normal hooks. And that can be a great advantage in deep holes. Great for eggs too. Also great for carp due to its great strength. All firehole hooks are top rate competition hooks at a price lower than they should be.