4647 Heavy Wire Jig Hook - black nickel

Size: 8
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Customer Reviews

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Al A.J.
I have fished this...

I have fished this hook for years, and it's a great one if you want a slightly longer jig hook. Barb smashes easily, but this hook is super sharp and super strong.

Chuck D.
I tie jigs for...

I tie jigs for a variety of fish from ice jigs for finicky panfish , Lake run and inland stream Trout and Salmon. These hooks were always amazing but I thought I could find better. Although I found hooks that I thought were as good, the 60’ bend on these are just a dream to make tungsten beads work and bend around vs 90’ hooks. The strength is straight up phenomenal and even though I wandered I’ve returned home and am glad to say these hooks are far and absolutely be the best out of no less then 10 other brands. If you try you won’t be disappointed. I’m actually here ordering more as I write this review !!!!

I appreciate the value...

I appreciate the value of these hooks. They are the Daiichi quality you would expect, and a better price point than their competitors. My only wish is that Daiichi (and many others) would keep the 25 per pack standard across jig hooks as well (as they come in 15 packs)