Zap CA (Thin CA)

by: Pacer Technologies | Item#: OF-900110-0000
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Super-thin penetrating formula, works great on most materials. Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds. Excellent wicking action, so it will work its way into the fly head and body.

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Zap A Gap

Reviewer: from Lewisberry, PA US

the pink label Zap CA is the best CA glue available for many purposes. It is a thin formula which does penetrate and wick into materials. Must be careful if using it on fly heads, because ANY excess will wick into the fly materials. It is great for gluing underbodies, or saturating thread wraps on dumbell eyes.

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Zap a Fly

Reviewer: from Honolulu, HI US

This glue is very efficient. Container is tight sealing and still opens easily after many uses. Penetrates and holds exactly as advertised. Numerous uses from fly tying to fly line to emergency repairs on the flyrod.

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Better than zap-a-gap CA+

Reviewer: from Acton, IN US

I prefer this over the zap-a-gap CA+ glue that many fly tiers use. It seems to soak in better than the green bottled version.

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Great Glue

Reviewer: from Ojai, CA US

Best container, applicator and strength on the market. It goes on easy and penetrates the material easier than any other cement I've used. I'm very happy with the product, price and service from J. Stockard.

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Nice for smaller flies

Reviewer: from Fort Collins, CO

I use a needle to apply this and it penetrates well for when that extra durability. Zap makes some good stuff, be careful if try to squeeze it out or you could have a mess.

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