Meet Our Pro Tyers

Paul Beel, Terre Haute IN

Favorite flies: Paul specializes in modern streamers for smallmouth and largemouth bass and trout. Ties classic Michigan dry flies for trout and flies for bluegill.

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About Paul: Paul leads our Pro Tyer team and is owner, writer and fly tyer of FrankenFly, a website and fly tying business. He pursued his passion of fishing after watching his grandfather create homemade lures as a kid. He felt he could continue in his grandfather's footsteps as a fly tyer. Paul is an Orvis Fly Designer and is a pro for HMH Vises, Semper Fly Rods, FishPond, Partridge of Redditch and Deer Creek. He also produces his own line of dubbing, FrankenDub Monster, FrankenDub Nymph and FrankenDub All Purpose, available here at J. Stockard.



Justin Aldrich, Habersham Co. GA

Favorite flies: Justin focuses on tying submersible flies - Caddis Pupa being his favorite, with Stone's & May’s (Nymphs) coming in second. Justin recently dove into ‘guide style’ flies and loves to tie them.

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About Justin: Justin has been tying flies and fly fishing for roughly 4 years. He started tying flies before he started fly fishing. Used to traditional fishing gear, he decided to start trout fishing and quickly realized that traditional gear wouldn't allow him to present all the food groups to trout that were readily and naturally available to, the fly fishing lightbulb went off and he never looked back. Justin recently started a YouTube channel: ‘Fly Tying with Justin Aldrich’.



Brandon Bailes, Athens AL

Favorite flies: Brandon specializes in 2 areas - deerhair bass bugs and downsized small water flies (mostly streamers and deerhair bugs).

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About Brandon: Brandon has been fly fishing since he was a kid. His grandfather took him fishing at a very young age, exploring small warmwater streams by their home. He began tying as an adult. He always loved building and creating things so it was a natural progression for him. He still spends the majority of his fishing time exploring and fishing small streams. Brandon is an Orvis Fly Designer and on the following pro teams: Flymen Fishing Co., Dropjaw Flies and Allen Flyfishing. 




Matthew Beers, Circleville NY

Favorite flies: Matthew is mostly known for tying traditional style Catskill flies. He enjoys tying Catskill dry flies or Catskill down wing wets as well as traditional slip wing wets.

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About Matthew: Matthew was born and raised in the Catskills, the birthplace of American dry fly fishing. Over the years he's had the opportunity to rub elbows with many legendary Catskill fly fishers and tyers. He's been fishing since childhood and transitioned to fly fishing and fly tying well over a decade ago. He started with making crank baits for bass in his 20’s and then moved to tying flies for bass, then trout. 90% of his tying and fishing is stalking salmonids and occasionally chasing large and smallmouth bass. He is on the Pro Staff of Sideling Hill Hackle.



Justin Bowman, Apple Valley MN

Favorite flies: More than anything else, Justin ties nymphs for trout fishing. He dabbles in dries and streamers from time to time.

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About Justin: Justin has been fly fishing for over 18 years. His dad always had a fly rod in the garage and, for whatever reason, he gravitated to it at a pretty young age. Something about fly fishing always intrigued him and he always found it more interesting and challenging than fishing with conventional gear. He started fly tying in earnest around 10 years ago, although he had first tried tying when he started fly fishing. His initial try was very short-lived since he was fairly young and didn’t have money for the correct materials or tools. His interest in fly tying was rekindled in his early twenties and has been an obsessive hobby ever since, especially after he moved to the Midwest and dove into a completely new world of fishing.


Nome Buckman, Portland ME

Favorite flies: Nome is a self-proclaimed streamer junkie, but loves the personal challenge of tying anything and will fish with flies that work. She is fascinated by regional and local flies.

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About Nome: Nome has been fly fishing since 2000 and tying since 2003. Carrie Stevens featherwing flies are what got her started, along with the infinite creativity that tying one's own flies allows. She moved to the Midwest 5 years ago and has just recently moved back to her fishing roots, the East Coast. Nome was the Angler of the Year in 2014 (WI Women Fish). A few of her flies made it into the book, Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers by Sharon E. Wright. She has published unique flies tied with milkweed and other plant based materials in Dun Magazine, where she is a contributing editor.



John and Katie Demuth, Kingsport, TN

Favorite flies: John and Katie's favorite flies to tie are Caddis, Stimulator, parachutes, soft-hackle nymphs and quill bodied flies.

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About John and Katie: John has fished all his life, but when he met Katie he found they both had an interest in fly fishing and so, together, they jumped into fly fishing head first and have never looked back. They feed off each other’s passion and their skills are always evolving. Katie’s focus on photographing the flies along with John's passion for fly tying has created a great team. They tie / photograph daily and are always looking for ways to improve their art. John loves fishing the rivers of East Tennessee. He has always enjoyed the outdoors and earned the honor of Eagle Scout growing up. He later served in the United States Marine Corps in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In addition to fly fishing and tying, Katie is also an accomplished photographer. Growing up, she spent her summers living on the river in Pitman Center, TN. She later served in the Unites States Army before settling in Kingsport with John.


Brita Fordice, Bremerton WA

Favorite flies: Shrimp, squid and baitfish!

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About Brita: Brita was taught to fly fish at the age of 8 by her father and grandfather at their cabin on the banks of the Stillaguamish River in Washington. She taught herself to tie within two years of learning to fish and was addicted from the start. She loved fishing but she was limited by how little independence she had at that age and couldn’t go out fishing by herself. Tying allowed her to do something related to fishing on her own. She fished constantly throughout her childhood and when she met a cute fly fisher at age 17, she went ‘nuts’ about it. From that point on, her life revolved around fly fishing, even after the boy was long gone. Brita is currently a Lagartan pro and American Museum of Fly Fishing Ambassador. She was an Umpqua Signature Fly Designer in 2016. She now works for FARBANK (Sage, Rio, Redington) and is a fly fishing guide on Pugent Sound and the Hood Canal.


Adam Harman, Kernersville NC

Favorite flies: Adam is focused on nymphs but ties dries, streamers, terrestrials and more.

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About Adam: Adam has been fishing most of his life but didn't truly take up fly-fishing until he was 25. A few years later in 2008, he began tying his own flies and never looked back. For Adam, fly tying is not just a business or hobby, it's an art and passion. Adam is on the following Pro Teams: Flymen Fishing Company, Dr. Slick and Hazard FF. He has been commercially tying for over 2 years.




Joe Jackson, Martinsville, IN

Favorite flies: Joe is best known for his Deerhair bassbugs, and elaborate deerhair art.

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About Joe: Raised in a small town located in southern Indiana, a love of fishing, hunting and wildlife was instilled in Joe at a young age. After 14 years in the Army he found Project Healing Waters and his curiosity in fly fishing and tying bloomed into a love and obsession. He started tying in November 2015, placed second in Project Healing Waters National Fly Tying Contest in 2017. Joe received the Everett Drake Fly Tying Award in 2018. Joe predominately ties flies for small and largemouth bass, with a focus on Deerhair bugs. His realistic art flies like the hummingbird, pheasant, Grinch, kingfisher and others have been sent across the globe. Joe currently lives with his wife and 4 children, all of whom share his love of fly fishing/tying. He believes the most important thing anyone in this industry can do is to get kids out on the water and behind a vice.


Tim Morales, Caladonia MI

Favorite flies: Tim loves traditionals and realistic style flies.

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About Tim: Tim has been fly fishing regularly for eight years and fly tying for one. His Grandpa first took him fishing when he was four, using an old fly rod rigged with bait, on a little lake near Greenville, Michigan. He caught his first fish, a largemouth bass. Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up another fly rod until the age of 14 but ever since then he’s been a dedicated fly fisher. Tim started tying because his local shops didn’t always have the flies he was looking for. Now, he’s immersed himself in everything fly tying, learning as many techniques as possible. His preferred target for fly fishing are trout… browns and rainbows. Tim is on the Deer Creek Pro Staff and a sales associate for Orvis.



Tim O'Neill, Hockessin DE

Favorite flies: Tim ties flies for various species and locals - trout, smallmouth, largemouth, steelhead, salt water, ponds, lakes, rivers etc.

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About Tim: Tim has been fly fishing for close to 30 years. He reeled in his first fish - a 10" rainbow - at the age of nine. He remembers staring at the vivid colors of green, purple and silver and being in awe at the sight of his trophy. He is still drawn to the beauty of all types of fish. He is a machinist by trade and he fabricates most of the parts for the NOR-Vise for which he is also the East Coast sales rep. Tim is a member of the Flymen Fishing Company and Loon Outdoors Pro Teams.



John Satkowski, Toledo OH

Favorite flies: Streamers are his favorite to tie and fish, but he tries to be as versatile as possible. He also enjoys tying and creating topwater/waker type hybrid patterns.

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About John: John has been fly fishing for 18 years and tying flies for 16 years. He started tying as a kid on a low budget vise from Cabela's and was able to tie ‘bad’ Adams dries. He now has eight patterns available from Rainy’s. John is a pro tyer for Flymen Fishing Co. and commercial tyer for Rainy’s Flies.





Paul "Paulie" Shurtleff, Springville UT
Favorite flies: Paul specializes in tying trout flies (dry, wet, nymph, streamers and attractors) with an emphasis in tying dries, particularly parachute style dry flies.

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About Paul: Paul has 29 years of experience behind the vise and on the water. He grew up in a family full of outdoorsmen and has been doing outdoor activities his whole life. His older brother (12 years his senior) was the fly tyer and fly fisherman in his family. He took Paul “under his wing” and taught him most of what he knows. He was a huge influence and got Paul started tying flies and fly fishing at a young age. Paul is very proud to have some of his fly patterns published in the book, “Americas Favorite Flies” and in both “Southwest Fly Fishing” and “Northwest Fly Fishing” magazines. He volunteers for PHWFF as a guide and fly ting instructor and was the UT Fly Tyer of the Year in 2017. He is also a Pro for Semperfli, Moonlit Fly Fishing/Dragontail Tenkara and Nirvana On The Fly. When he’s not fly fishing or tying, Paul enjoys playing his electric bass guitar.


Luke Stacy, Virginia Beach, VA

Favorite Flies: Luke’s favorite flies to tie are “hair and hackle” dry flies including stimulators, elk hair caddis and other various caddis/stonefly imitations using different materials

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About Luke: Luke has fished his whole life but began fly fishing and fly tying just under two years ago. Luke grew up making regular camp trips to the George Washington National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and had always been intrigued with the elusiveness of the native trout residing in the creeks. Shortly after picking up fly fishing Luke caught his first native brook trout from out of a creek right next to his camp site and was instantly “hooked” on fly fishing. Originally Luke started tying his own flies to be self-sufficient but Luke quickly realized how therapeutic fly tying was for him. From there Luke recognized that fly tying was an art and dedicated a majority of his time to become a better tier. Luke aims to tie a fly a day and likes using new materials and techniques to tie with. Luke enjoys sharing his knowledge with other tiers and gets inspired by other’s work.


Erik Svend Svendsen, Provo, UT

Erik's favorite flies: Erik mainly ties for trout, but he really likes tying new patterns. He has a goal of #tyingoneflyaday where every day he tries to tie a fly pattern he never tried before.

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A college girl friend introduced Erik to fly fishing and he was instantly hooked - to fly fishing that is. He fished for several years and then took a break. A few years ago, after a summer of diving into fly fishing seriously, he thought that the best way to understand the bugs and patterns would be to tie his own flies. He took a course in the summer of 2016 and was instantly addicted. For Erik, tying is an escape that focuses him on something so small and that only takes minutes from start to finish yet gives a real a sense of accomplishment. Tying has led to great friendships both on and off the water and helps Erik feel more involved in the sport even when he can’t fish as much as he’d like. When the occasion presents itself, Erik volunteers with the local Scout District, teaching the fishing merit badge and hosting fly tying night for the boys and leaders. He also occasionally works with troubled youth with a goal to get them ‘on the water’ whenever he can.


Son Tao, Fishers IN

Son's favorite flies: Son ties every style of fly but is probably best known for his dry flies. His specialties are Catskill style dries and Stimulators.

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About Son: Son is an active duty Army Master Sergeant, Infantry Branch. He has been tying and fly fishing for 18 months. He got his start through a Korean War Vet and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. As a combat vet, he was dealing with a lot of issues from multiple deployments and was introduced to fly tying and fishing to help him focus and relax his mind and body. In the past year, he has made up for lost time by fishing in Montana, White River AR, Au Sable River MI and multiple Pennsylvania limestone creeks. He is a member of PHWFF Indianapolis, Warriors and Quiet Waters Montana and Indianapolis Fly Casters Club. He is also a pro for Regal Vise, Semperfli, Moonlit Fly Fishing and Hazard Fly Fishing.



Steve Yewchuck, Beacon NY

Steve's favorite flies: Steve loves tying anything from midges to large rodents. His specialty is designing and tying big flies for predator fish. But he also enjoys creating flies for smaller species, especially trout.

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About Steve: Steve has been fly fishing for 30+ years and fly tying since he was 13. He started fishing for brookies at a very young age, which lead into chasing other species throughout his life. Designing and tying his own flies to catch these fish has been a real love. After going to college for art and photography, Steve didn’t find work in his field, so he began guiding and selling flies. He has now been involved in the fly fishing industry for over 10 years. He helps promote and is an ambassador for Hatch Reels, Korkers Footwear, Livingston Rods, Rising Fish, Flymen Fishing Company and is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company.



Our First Junior Pro

Braden Miller, Glen Allen, Virginia

Favorite Flies: Braden’s favorite flies to tie include Blane Chocklett’s Game Changers, deer hair poppers, Bob Popovics Beast Fleyes, and a variety of streamers.

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About Braden: Braden taught himself to tie flies by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram. He has been obsessed with fishing for as long as he can remember and has been fly fishing and tying since he was 8 years old (he is currently 14). Since venturing into this sport Braden has traveled across the country chasing after fish with his TFO fly rods and flies he tied himself. He regularly makes fly tying appearances at shows up and down the East Coast, including Icast in Orlando, the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival, the Fly Fishing Expo, Tie Fest and the International Fly Tying Symposium. Braden volunteers with Project Healing Waters and continues to dedicate his time to Trout in the Classroom at his middle school. Braden is also a junior ambassador for Temple Fork Outfitters, Norvise, Fly Life Company, District Angling, Fair Flies and Catch Cam Nets.

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