Water-Based Head Cement

by: Loon Outdoors | Item#: OF-908510-0000
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Loon Outdoors Water-Based Head Cement
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Fast drying, quick penetrating, non-flammable polyurethane emulsion that contains no harmful toluene. Dries completely clear, tough and waterproof. An excellent choice for tying plastic bodied, plastic ribbed or foam flies, whose material is attacked by solvent based systems. The cement is available in a plain bottle or in the "system" which includes a bottle of cement and Loon's unique applicator cap with a 20 gauge needle for clearing stoppages. Both the cement and the thinner are safe for plastic and foam. 1 oz. bottle.

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not impressed

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

I have tried a few head cements and this one was second to last. It did dry pretty fast but it left a white (not clear) substance making it very noticeable. I like loon outdoors but this one is not for me.

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Head cement and thinner

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

I bought the head cement and thinner. The cement is odorless and the thinner has a slight alcohol like smell to it. This product works really well and does not bother anyone in my house. I can even use it with people sitting right next to me and it will not bother them a bit. A must have if you are tying in the living room, dinning room, or other areas shared by family members and pets.

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Excellant Head Cement w/out the odor

Reviewer: from Warwick, RI US

This product is for those want to use a head cement that has no odor, dries quickly, and remains semi-flexible after curing. The head cement is also thin enough to penetrate the head without any thinning.

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Excellent head cement

Reviewer: from New Glasgow, NS CA

I use the flexible head cement on almost every fly that has hair to bind down , just a little touch of this cement before I bind down the butts with thread makes my fly's much more durable , Highly recomended

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Great cement

Reviewer: from Graham, NC US

This is a great head cement. It penetrates well, dries quickly and is odorless. And I find it less likely to evaporate is left open. Great product!

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