UV Knot Sense

by: Loon Outdoors | Item#: AC-908010-0000
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Smooths and strengthens your knots immediately. Lightly coat those newly tied nail knots and never get caught in your guides again. Great for repairing damaged flies. Apply in full shade or inside, then let the adhesive cure in full, direct sunlight or under one of Loon's UV lamps. Will not cure indoors, even through a window. 1/2 oz. tube with nozzle top.

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great product

Reviewer: from USAF Academy, CO US

I like using this product when tying copper johns. I have a UV light thats supposed to harden it but sunlight works way better...just set it in the sun for a few minutes and your good to go!

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Excellent Stuff

Reviewer: from Omaha, NE US

I used this product when fishing in the alpine this past summer, worked great at mending flies and assisting my "not so clean" leader/ line connections on the go.

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many uses

Reviewer: from New Cumberland, PA US

UV Knot Sense is great for many purposes. I've switched from using epoxy on flies to this material almost exclusively. I cure it with a UV LED light or in full sunlight. When cured, it does leave a bit of a sticky residue, but it is easily wiped off with an alcohol wipe (first aid kind). Cures crystal clear, not yellow like some others, and remains tough and a bit flexible.

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I almost love it

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

As far as strengthening knots goes, this product is fantastic. It makes a huge difference in knot strength. However, I have a really hard time getting a small enough amount on the knot, so I end up with a fairly large blob that has a tendency to splash when casting.

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Versatile Product


I was put onto Loons UV knot sense by a fellow fly tyer who informed me that it was useful not only for coating knots or assisting in knot joining, but also in creating surf candies, hard heads, in place of using epoxy. It is a brilliant prodcut which is worthwhile purchasing due to its versatility.

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