UV Clear Fly Finish

by: Loon Outdoors | Item#: OF-908600-0000
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Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish
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2 oz. thick $60.00
2 oz. thin $60.00
1/2 oz. flow (ultra thin) $17.00
1/2 oz. thick $17.00
1/2 oz. thin $17.00
1/2 oz. fluorescing flow (ultra thin) $18.00
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Loon's Clear Fly Finish puts a protective clear coating on heads and bodies and repairs damaged flies. Now available in the original gel, a less viscous thin formula and ultra-thin "flow" formula that penetrates and locks in materials. All are equally strong, build fly heads and bodies and cure instantly in sunlight or with any of the Loon Outdoors UV lights. Applicator needles are included for fine detailed work. 1/2 oz. size for occasional use or larger 2 oz. value bottle with more for the tying bench.

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Best product for Copper Johns, Scuds, Flashbacks,

Reviewer: from Douglassville, PA US

I love this stuff. I am way too lazy to break out the Epoxy for my normal tying applications. This stuff is easy to use, easy to clean up, and makes a great - durable fly.

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Great Value

Reviewer: from CALGARY, AB CAN

Works great on flies, knots and small repair jobs. It is not as rock hard as other UV coatings I have used, and I like that it doesn't seem to be brittle. It is not as shiny when cured as some of the coatings, but I follow up with a little lacquer and it is crystal clear. It is a great value as this is a big container.

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Essential part of my Fly tying

Reviewer: from Burlingame, CA

I love all the Loon UV Clear finishes. This one being the thinnest of their 3 finishes is great to get penetration into most materials, similar to head cement, but you can hit it w/ the UV light and it's instantly hard and bonding. I have used other UV finishes like Clear goo and they remain tacky. This one doesn't. I will generally then add the Loon UV Clear thin and then thick on top of this one for my salt water fly heads. Loon also stand behind their product 100%. Great Cust srv. Also try their fluorescent finish to light up your flies.

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Flow baby

Reviewer: from Ohio

the flow works amazing and it is tack free

the thick stuff is good too, but is very tacky need a coat of flow or sally hansons hard as nails to remove the tacky

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UV Clear Fly Finish

Reviewer: from liverpool NY

I got the thin, it works great as head cement. It is not tacky when cured, and has some elasticity which makes it not as prone to crack.

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