Angel Hair

by: Larva Lace | Item#: SM-760025-0000
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Larva Lace Angel Hair
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electric pink $2.95
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pearl olive $2.95
pearl gold $2.95
pearl purple $2.95
polar ice $2.95
purple ice $2.95
purple $2.95
root beer $2.95
silver holographic $2.95
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steelhead ice $2.95
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Very fine Mylar synthetic hair, 6-8 inches long that is packaged in 2 gram (1/30 oz.) hanks. It blends well with most other materials for dubbing and doesn't absorb water, so large flies don't get heavier. Adds lots of sparkle and glitter to any fly. Also tied in baitfish patterns like Deceivers and Clousers.

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Fine Flash

Reviewer: from Orlando Florida

A fine thin flashy synthetic material. I used it to add accent flash in my bass streamer dubbing brushes, as a dash of flash on top of my synthetic streamer patterns, for a hint of tailing flash in my bugger patterns, and to add a bit of flash when needed to my crappie and bass jigs. It can be used most anywhere you want a bit of flash in a body, or a lot, depending on how much you use and how you tie it in. Use your imagination and creativity with this one. The skies the limit!

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extremely versatile synthetic material

Reviewer: from Craryville, NY US

is it flash,or is it streamer hair?answer-kinda both it can be added to any pattern to give flash,and it is also fine enough to be an awesome flashy synthetic streamer hair,and for the price it is great for any experimental tyer.i have purchased 3 colors to see if i like it and i am now buying the rest....maybe 2 of each.a must for any streamer tyer salt and freshwater

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very soft

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

this stuff is great! I like to use it on bass poppers. it is extremely soft and allows you to add "whisps" which add color and almost no bulk

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Great for smaller flies

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

Great for adding a little bit of flash to small patterns.

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Add Bling to any fly

Reviewer: from Burlingame, CA

As the description says, it blends well into any fly. You can use a tiny amount on a smaller trout fly to give it the flash trigger or a generous amount to a salt water, bass or Pike fly. It is very fine. Much finer than the flashabou. It is a very subtle flashy material. A must in a tyers arsenal. I use the pearl most. 2nd the peacock.

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