EZ Travel Vise

by: J. Stockard | Item#: OF-914510-0000
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J. Stockard EZ Travel Vise
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Our EZ Rotary Travel Vise lets you tie flies in the field and make repairs when you're away from home. The compact rotary vise grip is made from quality stainless steel with aluminum parts. It's quick to set up on the included base, and it breaks down easily for transport and storage. brings features found in more expensive vises to a price that is affordable for almost all tyers. Featuring a crank-driven rotary that provides versatility when wrapping thread and a smooth rotation for drying epoxies, the vise is a compact 6½ inch H x 5¼ inch W, making it the perfect travel vise, built to fit into any fly-tying travel case. And it's good for occasional use at home too! Comes with both a weighted base and a C-clamp.

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