J2 245 4X Long Streamer Hook

by: J. Stockard | Item#: HK-012245-0000
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J. Stockard J2 245 4X Long Streamer Hook
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2 50 $8.45
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8 50 $5.95
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14 50 $5.95
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4 100 $15.95
6 100 $15.95
8 100 $11.45
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Our J2 Fly Hooks have the quality to meet the needs of serious fly tyers while offering great value. They have high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened points and micro barbs for quick penetration and easy barb crushing. J2 245 Streamer Hook Style: Down eye, 1X strong, 4X long, sproat bend. Uses: streamers. Similar to: Mustad R75-79580, Daiichi 2220 or Tiemco TMC 300.


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Good quality for a great price.

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I really feel you can compare these to Dai-riki. I don't buy high end hooks, I tie a lot of flies and don't want to shell out the high cost unless i'm steelhead fishing. These re branded J2 hooks are far better than their previous J.S. Hooks. I like the pricing on the 50 packs more (I believe it's cheaper than they're previous 50 packs) and it makes them even more comparable to Dai-riki in that regard. You get solid quality for a very affordable price.

Streamer hooks are one of the hook types I use most. It's not even that I fish a ton of streamers, It's that I tend to lose them to the water and trees more than any other type of fly.

I tried a pack of Saber hooks, which are dirt cheap, but I found those frequently bending or breaking on snags. This resulted in me having to tie even more flies. These J2 hooks either come out of snags in tact or the line breaks before the hook will give out. I catch a lot of trout in the 16-24 inch range, trout that can go on hard runs, and haven't had 1 of them bend on me. They are just as solid as Dai-riki and are even more affordable. They have a very fine looking dark nickel finish so there's very little glare, and the 4xLong size is my absolute favorite for making nearly any kind of streamer.

These hooks are tough to beat in the price to quality market. I only know of Dai-riki and Mustad in this price range and these measure up in my opinion.

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Worthy of another fly

Reviewer: from Ludlow, VT

I recently tied a few Woolly Bugger flies in sizes 6 and 8 on these hooks. They have slightly more flex than a TMC 5262 of the same size. So far I've had the opportunity to fish these flies on a local lake, landing multiple 12-16" small and large mouth bass, rock bass, and Rainbow Trout ranging from 10-18.5". All of these fish, approximately 20-25 were caught and landed while trolling the same two flies with zero problems. I'll repost when I have fished and fought fish on a river. As of right now, these hooks are worth another fly. SPP

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Very happy with these hooks

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

I always buy J Stockard brand hooks, and I'm very happy with the new version. They've got some flex to them, but feel very strong. Nice and sharp. The barb is slightly too large for my taste, so I do bend it down.

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Nice hooks

Reviewer: from Clarksburg, WV

Sharp hooks, great price, and the quality in great too. Will hold big fish. My go to hooks for bugger patterns.

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Streamer hooks worked well on big trout in Patagonia

Reviewer: from Estes Park Colorado

I was very reluctant about the quality of the J. Stockard brand streamer hooks. But I needed to tie dozens of streamers for my Patagonia fishing trip and this was cost effective. I caught 32 rainbows and browns 19” to 25” on #4 and #6 woolly buggers and Zonker tube minnows. No hook broke or bent. I did lose a 30-inch brown that finally broke a 2X leader – but that was a different problem. I will keep buying these streamer hooks.

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