Tyers Glass Beads

by: Hareline/Wapsi | Item#: SM-730160-0000
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Hareline/Wapsi Tyers Glass Beads
quantity Color Size your price
irr. crystal large $1.85
s/l gold large $1.85
tr. root beer large $1.85
s/l red large $1.85
s/l silver large $1.85
irr. crystal medium $1.85
s/l gold medium $1.85
tr. root beer medium $1.85
s/l red medium $1.85
s/l silver medium $1.85
op. black midge $1.85
irr. caddis green midge $1.85
irr. crystal midge $1.85
s/l gold midge $1.85
irr. purple midge $1.85
tr. root beer midge $1.85
tr. red midge $1.85
s/l silver midge $1.85
irr. white midge $1.85
op. black small $1.85
irr. caddis green small $1.85
irr. crystal small $1.85
s/l gold small $1.85
irr. purple small $1.85
tr. root beer small $1.85
tr. red small $1.85
s/l silver small $1.85
irr. white small $1.85
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5 sizes of beads with special treatments to create visual effects. iridescent (irr.), transparent (tr.), opalescent (op.) or silver lined (s/l), in 13 colors (some colors not available in every size). Bead diameter measures approx. 1.3mm for midge, 2.0mm for small, 2.8mm for medium, 3.5mm for large. About 20 to 100 beads per package, depending on the size you choose. 


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Huge fan

Reviewer: from Carbondale, IL US

I recently started using glass beads and I am a huge fan. They are great for creating bodies on all kinds of flies (I like them on caddis and stone). Red beads are great for egg sucking leaches. I will commonly thread a few on some mono to create extended bodies. Using Antron instead of mono and then wrapping the antron back over the beads creates a great emerger look. You just cant beat the colors and slight, but natural looking variations.

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Environment Friendly

Reviewer: from Apo, AP US

These glass beads provide a wide spectrum of color and will leave your riverbed just the way you found it without metal. Many sizes for all hooks. give them a try if not for the unmatched color selection but for environment purposes. Sometimes you just feel a little green

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So Usefull

Reviewer: from Houston, TX US

I been using these more than I ever thought I would.
Ecologically friendly weight and nice added flash. Very useful. Get some!!

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These beads are great

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

I started to use beads on my flies from the local arts and craft shop. This is a much better way to go. The beads are the right size and a lot more consistent as well as matched better for hooks. They give a nice air bubble appearance in the water to create nice shedding cases on emergers. Great way to add light to other patterns as well.

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Perfect for nymphs

Reviewer: from MA, US

I went with small iridescent grey beads for nymph heads, the beads are great and a single package has a ton of them in it. The small size is perfect for size 16-18 nymphs. The iridescent grey color looks excellent, especially next to peacock herl on pheasant tail nymphs.

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