SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-012130-0000
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brown stone nymph $2.75
crayfish brown $2.75
crayfish orange $2.75
dispenser w/ 12 colors #1 $17.95
dispenser w/ another 12 colors #2 $17.95
dark stone nymph $2.75
damsel nymph olive $2.75
damsel nymph tan $2.75
dragonfly dark nymph $2.75
gold stone nymph $2.75
hellgramite $2.75
minnow belly $2.75 $1.89
red fox squirrel nymph abdomen $2.75
red fox squirrel nymph thorax $2.75
sculpin golden brown $2.75
sculpin olive $2.75
sowbug gray $2.75
sowbug tan $2.75 $1.89
scud shrimp olive $2.75
scud shrimp orange pink $2.75
scud shrimp tan $2.75
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This range of dubbing was designed by Dave Whitlock to match mixtures and colors for his world famous patterns.

Other Details

Colors in dispenser w/ 12 colors: red fox thorax, scud and shrimp gray, sowbug gray, sowbug tan, red fox squirrel abdomen, scud and shrimp olive, scud and shrimp tan, scud and shrimp orange pink, dragon fly olive, dragonfly gray, damsel olive, damsel tan. Colors inĀ dispenser w/ another 12 colors: golden stone, brown stone, dk stone, hellgrammite, sculpin olive, sculpin golden brown, crayfish brown, crayfish sandy gray, crayfish orange, minnow belly, stonefly gills, minnow gills.

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Great selection of unique colors

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

Easy to dubb and great colors. Got both dispensers and am trying out many different flies with ideas I got from online and my own. Nice to have colors that are unique.

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Perfect dubbing

Reviewer: from Richmond Hill, ON CA

This is by far the best dubbing I have used. The colour selection is top notch. The ease of use, is second to none. I have about 25 dubbing dispencers, this is the best.

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Best Dubbing

Reviewer: from Carbondale, IL US

As others have stated this is probably my favorite dubbing to use. The subtle variations in the colors add a real lifelike look to them. Excellent dubbing for making really "buggy" flies but can also be tamed as well. I like the dispenser boxes myself but with how much I have been using it I may have to start getting the larger individual packs of some colors.

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Reviewer: from Asheville, NC US

Nymph flyfish most of the time which means I tie
lots of nymphs. This is my favorite dubbing for
nymphs and several other flies.

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SLF is the best!

Reviewer: from CHINO, CA USA

I can finally say that SLF is the best dubbing on the market today, easy to work with and comes in the most realistic colors imaginable.

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