Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-012030-0000
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Hareline Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub
quantity Color your price
baetis gray $2.75
baetis tan $2.75
BWO gray olive $2.75
black $2.75
BWO olive $2.75
brown $2.75
caddis green $2.75
callibaetis $2.75
cinnamon $2.75
dispenser w/ 12 popular colors $18.25
Hendrickson pink $2.75
light cahill $2.75
mahogany dun $2.75
PMD olive dun $2.75
purple $2.75
PMD yellow olive $2.75
red quill $2.75
rusty brown $2.75
rusty spinner $2.75
sulphur orange $2.75
sulphur yellow $2.75
trico $2.75
tan $2.75
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Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub is cut short so that even the novice can precisely place the right amount of dubbing onto the thread without unwanted bulk. Small or even micro sized flies are no problem with this dubbing.

Other Details

Colors in dispenser: mahogany dun, BWO gray olive, PMD olive dun, PMD yellow olive, BWO olive, red quill, sulphur orange, sulphur yellow, trico, callibaetis, baetis gray, baetis tan

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A bit different than superfine

Reviewer: from LA QUINTA, CA USA

Superfine poly dubbing is my mainstay "small fly" dubbing, but I wanted to try this Micro Fine. I find it more difficult to create a smooth, finely tapered body with Micro Fine. It also lacks the sheen of Superfine. Micro Fine appears to be nothing other than sheared and blended wool. Not bad, but I'm not terribly impressed.

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Easy to use

Reviewer: from Killingworth, CT US

This dubbing is very easy to use. It is very versitile in that you can use it in many patterns and sizes.

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Easy To Handle

Reviewer: from Tulsa, OK US

This dubbing is very easy to handle and stays on the thread well.

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Great Performance

Reviewer: from Tupelo, MS US

I recently purchased the 12 color dispenser and have found it to be one of my best investments. i started out buying individual bags for various color and quickly realized that these contained more dubbing than i'd use in many years. I'm not sure exactly how many flys one can get for each color in the dispensor but it has to be several hundred for small drys. i wish a more detailed picture of each color was given though.

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great colors

Reviewer: from Hillsdale, Michigan US

I bought the 12 most popular colors and all of them look really nice. dubs very easy to my flymaster thread. Very fine dubbing so you really can make nice small bodies.

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