Lead Dumbbell Eyes

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730020-0000
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plain (dull) midget (5/64" / 2mm) $2.65
plain (dull) micro (3/32" / 2.5 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) mini (7/32" / 3 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) X-small (1/8" / 3.5 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) small (9/64" / 3.7 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) medium (5/32" / 4 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) large (3/16" / 5 mm) $2.65
plain (dull) X-large (1/4" / 6.5 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) midget (5/64" / 2mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) micro (3/32" / 2.5 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) ini (7/32" / 3 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) X-small (1/8" / 3.5 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) small (9/64" / 3.7 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) medium (5/32" / 4 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) large (3/16" / 5 mm) $2.65
plated (shiny) X-large (1/4" / 6.5 mm) $2.65
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Dumbbell shaped eyes add action, weight and looks to a fly. Plated or unplated, 8 sizes, 10 pieces per package. Warning: Lead may cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Do not ingest unplated eyes, or eat fish that have digested them.

Other Details

Weights per piece, in oz.: midget 1/200, micro 1/120, mini 1/80, x-small 1/60, small 1/40, medium 1/30, large 1/20, x-large 1/10

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Dumbbell eyes

Reviewer: from KESWICK, VA USA

These eyes are good quality eyes. Mine came shiny, smooth, and had no factory or machine marks. The price also surely beats any competition you can find.

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just the ticket

Reviewer: from Rehobeth, AL US

Great quality eyes. They take paint well. A trick I learned to easily paint lead eyes, is to take an old comb and push the eyes down into the teeth of the comb. Depending on the size of the eyes and the comb, 20 or more can be securely held for painting. Best to use a white base coat so the red, yellow, or chartreuse iris color is nice and bright. Lead eyes hold well in the comb, but plated or brass eyes slip out easily.

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A tip for using adhesive eyes with these...

Reviewer: from Atascadero, CA US

Since the ends of these eyes have a curved surface, you might think adhesive eyes won't work with these. Actually, it's pretty simple to flatten the surfaces with a file or a bench grinder (if you have a steady hand!) and the eyes stick just fine. This is much cheaper than buying the expensive tungsten eyes with flat surfaces.

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Great eyes

Reviewer: from Fort Collins, CO US

Got these in plated and unplated for some charlies and crab patterns. Work great. Unplated not as durable, but the salt sems to eat both kinds up over time.

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Reviewer: from monrovia Liberia

As said a must have for salt water fly-fishing
Also when you really need to go down and deep.
First timers take care during casting your fly.

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