Krystal Flash

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-760060-0000
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Hareline Krystal Flash
quantity Color your price
black $4.35
bonefish pink $4.35
bonefish tan $4.35
medium brown $4.35
copper (solid) $4.35
dark purple $4.35
fl. cerise $4.35
fl. chartreuse $4.35
fl. fire orange $4.35
fl. orange $4.35
fl. shrimp pink $4.35
fl. yellow $4.35
Alaskan fuchsia $4.35
gold (solid) $4.35
green (solid) $4.35
gray ghost $4.35
hot orange $4.35
lime green $4.35
light blue (solid) $4.35
mixed colors $4.35
olive $4.35
peacock $4.35
pearl blue $4.35
pearl red $4.35
pearl $4.35
pink $4.35
purple $4.35
rainbow $4.35
royal blue (solid) $4.35
red (solid) $4.35
root beer $4.35
rusty brown $4.35
silver (solid) $4.35
smolt blue $4.35
UV blue $4.35
UV gray $4.35
UV herring back $4.35
UV orange $4.35
UV pearl $4.35
UV pink $4.35
UV purple $4.35
UV tan $4.35
hot yellow $4.35
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The original! Do not be fooled by imitations. Used in hundreds of patterns worldwide. 42 colors, including solid colors. Solid colors have the light beads in the same shade, while other colors have light beads in yellow

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Reviewer: from Clark, NJ US

As all the others said it can be used on anything. Just a little to make trout flys stand out or go crazy on those big stripper or pike flys.

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A Must Have

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT US

Simply the best, most useful flash material there is in my opinion. I use this on streamers, midges, baetis, stoneflies, pretty much everything I tie. No matter what you tie, you can improve it by using krystal flash.

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Excellent product

Reviewer: from Saint Rose, LA US

I tie mainly Clouser type minnows for saltwater fishing. I ordered the gold and silver flash. This product was better then I expected. The product comes with a "zip tie" on it in the middle making it easier to cut even strands. Also making it easier to put it back in the bag when you are done! As for durability, I will let you know this weekend!!

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great stuff

Reviewer: from Clarks Summit, PA US

a must for streamers, also great as a wrapped bodt to add flash to nymphs and midges, and I even use this stuff as ribbing.

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Great stuff!

Reviewer: from Williamstown, VT US

this stuff is my favorite material for tying with. not only does it make your flys look great, but it can be used on virtually any fly out there. this is definitely the right material for anyone who wants to add some life and sparkle to their flies. plus the fish love it too. this material looks rather "buggy" and can also give the illusion of small bubbles coming from the insect. this is a must have for any fly tier.

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