Ice Dub

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-012070-0000
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Hareline Ice Dub
quantity Color your price
blue steelie (solid) $2.95
caddis green $2.95
chartreuse $2.95
chocolate brown $2.95
claret $2.95
copper (solid) $2.95
Dispenser Pack 1 $18.85
Dispenser Pack 2 $18.85
12 colors for steelhead $18.85
12 colors for trout $18.85
electric purple $2.95
fl. lime green $2.95
fl. shell pink $2.95
fl. yellow $2.95
golden brown $2.95
gold (solid) $2.95
emerald green (solid) $2.95
gunmetal gray $2.95
hot yellow $2.95
kingfisher blue $2.95
midnight fire $2.95
midnight haze $2.95
minnow belly $2.95
minnow pearl back $2.95
olive brown $2.95
olive $2.95
orange $2.95
peacock $2.95
peacock black $2.95
pearl red hue $2.95
pearl $2.95
pheasant tail $2.95
red (solid) $2.95
rusty brown $2.95
silver gray $2.95
silver holographic $2.95
silver (solid) $2.95
smolt blue $2.95
wicked black $2.95
wine $2.95
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One of the most popular dubbings for both freshwater and saltwater. Great sparkle and dubs beautifully. UV colors, in which the sparkle is deep blue, are available in a different product (see You Might Also Like... below). UV colors may not look the color on the label until you hold it up to light.

Other Details

Colors in dispenser 1: peacock, UV lt olive, UV black, UV shrimp pink, UV red, olive brown, olive, chartreuse, UV pearl, caddis green, orange, pearl. Colors in dispenser2 : UV lt yellow, peacock black, UV pink, rusty brown, silver holo, UV tan, chocolate brown, golden brown, holo chartreuse, holo olive, hot yellow. Colors in Steelhead dispenser: UV black, chartreuse, UV fl hot pink, UV hot orange, hot yellow, orange, UV lavender, UV pearl, UV purple, fl shell pink, UV shrimp pink, silver holo. Colors in Trout dispenser: caddis green, chocolate brown, UV cinnamon, golden brown, UV lt olive, pearl, UV lt yellow, olive, peacock, peacock black, rusty brown, UV tan.

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Reviewer: from MA, USA

Buy the peacock color and your pheasant tails and prince nymphs will look better and be a lot more durable.

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ice dub

Reviewer: from Oak Harbor, WA US

Great product love it gives that little flash little something to a pattern i got the dubbing dispenser first to see what i was getting and how the colors look 12-15 bucks for a dispenser with 12 colors i like it gives you a good amount and i like to buy them to sample the dubbing

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Ice Dubbing in both rust and chartreuse

Reviewer: from Collins, MS US

I simply love to use this Dubbing for the flies I tie for myself and my customers it last a long time and you only need very little to dubb it on , I started using it and was using to much,then I noticed it was easier to dibb when I used a spars amounts on the thread. With this material less is actualy more.The collor is fast but also will give a slight lazer light effect on good sunny days , almost electric.If you usr this dubbing I am sure you will like it.Remember a little goes a long way.

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good and shiney

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

Got this in the dispenser. Tons of olors to choose from. Wish I could get them all. Nice shine but a little tough to dub, lotta twist and pressure. Overall good stuff.

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Green caddis, stonefly

Reviewer: from Alpena, MI US

I use the different color blacks to tie stonefly patterns and i really like the caddis green color for my small nymphs, i like the way it takes to the thread and it only takes a pinch and thats all you need great flash also.

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