Extra Select Craft Fur

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-760000-0000
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Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur
quantity Color your price
black $4.45
bone tan $4.45
bright green $4.45
bright orange $4.45
bright red $4.45
cerise $4.45
(yellow) chartreuse $4.45
cream $4.45
dark brown $4.45
dark olive $4.45
fire orange $4.45
fiery hot red $4.45
fl. blue $4.45
fl. orange $4.45
fl. yellow $4.45
golden yellow $4.45
golden olive $4.45
green $4.45
gray olive $4.45
hot pink $4.45
kingfisher blue $4.45
medium brown $4.45
medium dun gray $4.45
medium olive $4.45
navy blue $4.45
orangutan rust $4.45
purple $4.45
red $4.45
salmon pink $4.45
sand $4.45
tan $4.45
white $4.45
yellow $4.45
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This craft fur is the longest and fullest we have ever seen, and Is perfect for many saltwater and streamer patterns. Each piece measures 5" x 5".

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Great action but Heavy

Reviewer: from Christiansburg, VA

This fur looks really good in the water for a synthetic material and has a lot of undulation. I would only recommend it for smaller patterns or limited use (ex. for wool-type heads) on a fly however because it is really heavy and doesn't shed water very readily on the false cast if tied in thick. This only became a problem when I substituted craft fur for bucktail on large bass/pike/musky streamers (the fibers are also a little too short for that application). Otherwise it works nicely and is easy to work with. I have also experimented with using permanent marker on the fibers and they seem to take the markers well but I can't comment yet on how well the marker lasts.

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Best for Gary LaFontaine's Cranefly Larva

Reviewer: from Southern Connecticut

Gary LaFontaine used this material to make dubbed bodies for his very successful cranefly larva. This pattern is especially effective during periods of high, but not too discolored, water. The fibers are quite long, so it pays to cut them a bit shorter before dubbing.

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Craft Fur

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

This craft fur is a great product for the price. JS Fly Fishing has the best price Ive seen and you get a large amount of material. I have used this as winging materials for streamers such as Strolis' Headbanger. Also works great in dubbing brushes to make great bodies on baitfish patterns

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A good synthetic substitute

Reviewer: from Hubertus, WI US

I find I am using this more and more to replace natural materials that hold water. Water logged flies are something I no longer have to live with.

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Great for saltwater patterns

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

Must have in a variety of colors. Also good for brushes. Only complaint is it never seems to last long enough.

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