CDC Oiler Puffs

by: Hareline | Item#: NM-790150-0000
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black $3.25
brown $3.25
blue winged olive $3.25
chartreuse $3.25
ginger $3.25
gray olive $3.25
light dun $3.25
medium dun $3.25
natural dun $3.25
olive $3.25
pale olive $3.25
pale morning dun $3.25
slate gray $3.25
sulphur orange $3.25
tan $3.25
wood duck gold $3.25
white $3.25
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Hand selected! Saturated with oil from a duck's glands, and naturally buoyant. Great for emergers.

Other Details

There are about 30 to 40 oiler puffs in a package.

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Due to international regulations, we cannot ship this product outside the United States.

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High float, great look

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

I bought my first bunch for 2.50 so this is a good price. I currently use it for midge emergers, but am experimenting w/other patterns. Using white cdc provides high vis. It floats really well even in moderate current. Just remember not to use floatant with CDC.

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Great Product at a Great Price

Reviewer: from Buffalo, NY US

I have lately been using poly yarn for the posts on my flies and was itching for whatever reason to use something more natural. These little babies are great! They tie up real nice and look great. No problems wrapping the hackle around them. they really help keep the fly up on top of the water and you can't beat the price. I bought these in white, wood duck and pink. I would suggest these to anyone looking to tie some small emerging flies or to do with as I have and use them as the post on your flies. Now if only they sold these things in bulk.........

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where are my puffers

Reviewer: from North Augusta, SC US

Ordered these and was surprised to see how few were in the package. The packs at the local shop had alot more for just a little more $$. Other than that they tied in great and act like CDC puffers. I'll order again and see how many come in the next packs.

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Adult Stones

Reviewer: from Mystic, CT US

I purchased the puffs as a replacement for elk hair. I tied a black body caddis style and used 100 pack black hackle to wrap the body. Added three puffs tied in just behind the hook eye for winging and it matched the fluttering adult stones that have been so prolific on the TMAs here in CT. A fish on every drift! Once slimmed the fly needs a good rinsing and then amadou squeeze to bring it back to usefulness or else a fly change is required. Loon now makes a prep product for CDC which I will try soon.

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Reviewer: from FE Warren AFB, WY US

Easy to use material. Cant wait to get it on the water.

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