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Half ounce bottle with a needle dispenser and cleaning wire.

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Great for head cement

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

I have only put head cement in this bottle and so far so good. No signs of drying up and the tube stays clear with the needle insert. So much cleaner to apply and able to put the right amount on my flies without wasting any or making a mess.

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Reviewer: from Sumner, WA US

This applicator bottle is so good, I can put in any type of cement in it that I want and it will not gum up or dry out if I leave the cap off for a long period of time compared to other cement holders. With its precision applicator nozzle (tube) I can put cement anywhere without worrying about hackle or any other material getting covered with cement. I also like it because if I drop the bottle I will get no spills and it is plastic so no glass to worry about if it does fall or get packed away for a stream side kit it will not get crushed in my luggage. I also use this bottle for my reels or firearms with oil in it; I can put just the right amount of oil on a part without worrying about a mess or wasting oil.

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Great Tool, No Mess, NO FUSS!

Reviewer: from Coshocton, OH US

I was using a bottle with a brush before I bought this dispenser. Even after cutting the bristles down to a few, I still could not get the cement on exactly where I wanted. This tool is easy to use and the small, flexible needle is just the right size for pinpoint application. I plan to buy another one soon. Great product, great price.

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Must have

Reviewer: from Springwater, New York US

This is a must have for applying head cement. It is much easier to apply than applying it with a bodkin.

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Worked and nothing dried out yet

Reviewer: from NEW BRAUNFELS, TX USA

Got these some months ago and was worried that the head cement I put would dry out. Well, it has not yet. I really like the small dropper, it allows me to apply the cement quickly and easily where I want it, even on the very small fly's. The needle seals the bottle well, and doubles as a bodkin for me.

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