Earn Reward Points for Writing Product Reviews

Write reviews on the products you buy, and earn points to get more stuff - you help us and yourself at the same time! Reward points are automatically added to your J. Stockard account when your review is approved and posted on our site. Every product page on our web site has a link to write a review. Just write and submit your review, and we'll do the rest!

Here are some pointers to help get your review approved:

  • Your review should reflect your experience with the product. Tell about ideas about its use, how it compares with similar products, features that you liked (or didn’t), or a problem you had and how you resolved it (or couldn’t). Please be specific!
  • We can approve negative reviews, especially if they are constructive. If you had a problem with a product, explain the problem or how you dealt with it. [If you have a criticism of quality or items missing, please contact our customer service at [email protected]. We want to make sure you're satisfied!]

Thanks for contributing to our community of fly tyers and rod builders. We look forward to reading your product reviews and posting them on the site to help our fellow fly fishers!

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