bucktail gamechanger fly

Fly Tyer: Tony Sandrone, J Stockard customer & avid tyer

The Bucktail Gamechanger Fly, which Tony Sandrone calls the Nightmare Musky Fly, is a spin off of an already perfect pattern made by Blane Chocklett. It's a highly customizable and versatile pattern that can be adapted to suit any fishing scenario. It features multiple articulated sections, which allow it to swim in a lifelike manner that can attract predatory fish species such as pike, musky, and bass. Using bucktail on this gamechanger fly is important because it adds a great deal of movement to an already very lifelike pattern.

Nightmare Musky Gamechanger Fly Recipe

Shanks: Articulated Shanks, 40lb or better bite wire for connections 1 foot
Hooks: Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger hooks in 4/0 and 6/0
Eyes: Living Eyes

Other Materials: Dyed over White Belly Hair, Bucktail, UV Polar Chenille, Hen Saddle or Neck, Dubbing and Flashabou

Tying the Nightmare Musky Gamechanger Fly

Step 1: Tie 4 feathers to each side of a 28mm shank. Tie in and palmer the UV chenille forward 7 wraps.

gamechanger fly 1

Stack and flare the belly hair on top and bottom of the shank, tips facing the rear of the fly. Whip finish and cover thread with Deercreek Diamond hard UV. 

gamechanger fly 1.5

Step 2: Using another 28mm shank, tie shanks together and repeat last 3 steps in step 1. 

gamechanger fly 2

Step 3: Add another 28mm shank to the tail section. Tie in and palmer chenille as before. This time reverse tie the belly hair on the shank. Take a tube or a pen and bend hair back. Pull thread through the hair and build a thread dam to hold belly hair back. Whip finish and cover thread with UV resin. 

gamechanger fly 3

Step 4: Repeat step 3. This will finish the tail section. 

gamechanger fly 4
gamechanger fly 5

Step 5: Using the 4/0 hook, tie the connection wire on, feed the wire through the bottom of the tail section. This will create a loop. Tie down the wire and bend tags ends of wire back and lash down with a good thread base. Repeat the polar chenille, reverse tied bucktail three times on the hook shank. Make sure to change over to the actual Bucktail from this step forward. Whip finish and cover with the UV resin. 

gamechanger fly 6
gamechanger fly 7
gamechanger fly 8
gamechanger fly 9

Step 6: Add a 40mm shank on at this point. Same as before polar chenille and reverse tied bucktail 2 more times. Whip finish and cover with UV resin. 

gamechanger fly 10
gamechanger fly 11
gamechanger fly 12
gamechanger fly 13

Step 7: Using the 6/0 hook Do the same thing as before to make the connection from shank to hook. Using the polar chenille, wrap forward 9 wraps. Reverse tie in bucktail and bend back. Use the polar chenille to move forward 6 wraps and tie in your last reverse tied layer of bucktail. Now tie on about 12-15 strands of the magnum flashabou at the half way point of the material. Distribute the flash evenly around the shank and reverse tie it like the bucktail, bending it back. 

gamechanger fly 14
gamechanger fly 15

Step 8: Tie in 4 saddle hackles, 2 on each side of the fly like fins. 

gamechanger fly 16

Step 9: Take a small bundle of laser dub and tie in on each side of the hook shank also on top and bottom. Making sure to tie it in at the middle of the bundle. 4 bundles total. Then bend back like the bucktail and wrap in front of dub not on it. 

gamechanger fly 17

Step 10: Comb out extra dub. 

gamechanger fly 18

Step 11: Repeat steps 9 and 10 and whip finish. 

gamechanger fly 19

Step 12: Apply super glue to eyes and press onto the head just behind the hook eye. Use Deercreek fine flex to cover thread and front of eyes as insurance, add stripes and you are finished! 

gamechanger fly 21

Tips: Use the length of the shank as a guide for length of the belly hair. Remember to add a little length to each section of hair as this will help with the taper of the fly. When you are reverse tying the bucktail you can control the taper as well. Keep in mind to never tie on top of the bucktail when making a dam, it defeats the purpose of reverse tying when you do. Most important of all have fun with this pattern. It is very versatile. Materials can be swapped very easily. 

Want to see what musky fishing with one of these flies could look like? Check out this musky fishing video from Hardman Fishing Adventures recently posted on GlobalFlyFisher.com. It depicts a "perfect" musky fishing day: raining and miserable. Watch them land some river monsters!

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