Looking for some super fly fishing? Check out this list of three great spots to go fly fishing in Florida before putting together your next trip.

Florida has no shortage of incredible fly fishing locations. Whether you’re planning a trip for next weekend or next winter, searching for the perfect fishing spot can be daunting. To narrow down your search, check out these three great spots to go fly fishing in Florida.

Mosquito Lagoon
Mosquito Lagoon is less than an hour outside Orlando, Florida, is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. And, beyond the view, Mosquito Lagoon is worth visiting for the fishing. Fly fishing enthusiasts flock to Mosquito Lagoon for tarpon, redfish, and snook. Nestled within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore, Mosquito Lagoon offers some excellent flats fishing. Redfish can be caught all year, but the conditions vary month to month. In the winter and spring, the water is clear, cool, and low and makes for easy sight fishing throughout the day. Come the warmer months, the lagoon gets foggy and its best to get your time in very early or later in the afternoon. Whatever time of year you choose, you’ll find some great fly fishing.

Naples & Vicinity
Naples is gorgeous town on its own, and it is particularly great for fly fishing during the summer and fall months. While visiting the city, you can use Naples as your home base as you visit renowned fly fishing spots such as the Everglades and Ten-Thousand Islands. Sitting on the southwest coast of Florida, Naples’ has backcountry mangrove shorelines and creeks where you’ll find redfish, snook, tarpon, and barracudas. On the other hand, offshore fish near Naples includes some big game like mako sharks, grouper, tuna, and marlin – always a real challenge to catch ‘on the fly’.

Florida Keys
We’re saved the best for last - the Keys, home to some of the best saltwater fly fishing in the world. Besides the warm weather, the wide-ranging variety of prey – most notably permit, bonefish, and tarpon - makes the Keys one of the great spots to go fly fishing in Florida, or anywhere else, for that matter. Any time of the year you head to the Keys, you’ll find fish to catch. Expect a healthy supply of bonefish in the summer months. September brings calm conditions, warm water, and fewer people and is one of the top months for Florida Keys fly fishing.

Whichever one of these hotspots speaks to you the most, be sure to grab your essential gear, like these fly tying supplies, before planning your trip. As with the Keys, you can visit Naples and Mosquito Lagoon great fly fishing now and later in the fall season.

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Mosquito lagoon Indian river fishing is living off its reputation from 30 years ago. Sea grass (base of its food chain) is scant due to turbid water from 20 years of explosive development (faulty septic fields). Who wrote this??? Look elsewhere!

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