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by: Marc Petitjean | Item#: OF-900656-0000
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Marc Petitjean Magic Heads
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18 to 12 $5.55 $3.89
16 to 12 $5.55 $3.89
12 to 6 $5.55 $3.89
4 to 2/0 $5.55 $3.89
1 to 6/0 $5.55 $3.89
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For patterns on hooks from size 18 up to 5/0, Magic Heads will add a swimming action to your flies not easily achieved before. They are soft, lightweight, clear and will not affect the castability of your patterns. With the Magic Head flipped back, it will give you the traditional streamer action during stripping. With the head flipped forward, it brings the fly the liveliest baitfish undulation possible. Flip the head back to tie on your leader, and then leave it back or flip forward for the swimming action to take effect. Works great for leeches, swimming style nymphs, eggs and attractor patterns. 6 heads per package (except for size 1 to 5/0, 4 per package).

Other Details

Either of the 2 smallest sizes can be used for hook sizes 12 to 16. The smallest size is best for size 18-20 hooks.


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Nothing magic, overpriced, they aint gold plated!!

Reviewer: from VALPARAISO, IN USA

I tried all of the sizes, out of curiosity. Requires fast retrieve to get an erratic wobble. Worthless in the small sizes. The closest thing to the Magic Head is the Wigglefin Action Disc, which is threaded on the leader ahead of a dodger fly trolling rig.
Main objection is the price is way way too high for something that has to be tied into a fly. Fancy packaging cost more than the 6 measly discs you get. There is no reason they should cost more than beads. I am sure these could work if you get the right size disc on a proper fly. There is no adjustment other than to "magically" fold it back and you have a regular fly. Convertible feature is a plus, but there is no way to re-use the disc on another fly if it is a flop.
Natural action of soft material on flies at all speeds of retrieve is hard to top. If you still want a wobble fly get a two dollar bag of 8 or 10 mm cupped plastic sequins. Thread down the leader onto head of your streamer.

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That is a good idea

Reviewer: from Sofia, Iztok BG

I bought Marc Petitjean Magic Heads end I made streamers. With this Magic Neads I animate to my streamers.
The Magic Heads are a good idea, but the cost is very expensive.

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Wow, what a difference

Reviewer: from New Westminster, BC CA

I tried these on some streamer flies and top water flis for pike fishing and the difference was amazing. The movement they created was very erratic and simulated an injured fish perfectly.

I can only imagine how greatr these would be for Peacock Bass fishing where the displacement of water and movement trigger these fish to strike.

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