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Back to Basics: Golden Rules for Choosing the Right Fly

Guest Blogger: John Holman, owner and operator of No Se Um Lodge, Alaska. We got to thinking about how many folks take up fly fishing for the first... Read more

Spin rods and a guilty fly fisherman…

Guest Blogger: Jeff Marsh, High on the Fly Hello, I’m Jeff and I am a “Fishing Addict”. It isn’t easy to utter those words.... Read more

The Sergeant Nick Fury Emerger

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come No, I don’t think h... Read more

Adaptation Can Be Fun and Rewarding—The Montana Temple Dog

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana For the fly tier, adaptation can be a bit of fun. I tie flies because I enjoy the process and quiet tim... Read more

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