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Giving Back – Madison Gallatin TU 2018

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana For anyone that has listened to Public Radio for any period of time, the phrase “Be Well and Do Good ... Read more

Introducing Paul Shurtleff of the JS Pro Tyers

We would like to officially welcome Paul “Paulie” Shurtleff to our team of J.Stockard Pro Tyers! Paul hails from Springville, Utah and has 29 y... Read more

Only the Harder to Tie Fly’s Catch Fish?

Guest Blogger Justin Aldrich Coming right out of the gate let’s get the title directly out of the way and include it here so it’ll all make sen... Read more

How To Get Speyed – Part 3

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come Part 2 of this article di... Read more

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