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Wapsi Propeller Blades

Propeller Blades

by: Wapsi | Item #: SM-730165-0000

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quantity Color Size your price
gold large $3.45
gold medium $3.45
gold small $3.45
nickel large $3.45
nickel medium $3.45
nickel small $3.45

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These propeller blades can be placed between the hook eye and a bead head or cone head to add flash and sound to a fly. Try it on wooly buggers! 24 pieces per package.

Other Details

The length of the propellers (from tip to tip) is 3/8" for the small size, 9/16" for the medium and 11/16" for the large. There is a small dimple around the hole to reduce contact with the hook eye and bead and facilitate spinning.


Average Customer Rating: (5 Reviews) Write Review

lots of blades

Reviewer: A viewer from EAGLE RIVER, WI USA

bought these for a topwater fly. u guys were one of few places to carry them! lots of blades for the price. work well but bend sort of easy.

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Great for Pistol Petes

Reviewer: A viewer from Austin, TX

These propellors are fantastic. Lots of purists dislike them, but I'd rather get down off my high horse and catch fish. Great for creating motion in murky water, or flash in clear water. They seem to trigger extremely hard strikes from rainbows.

They do break fairly easily when bent, so it's good to have multiple flies tied up. You won't be able to bend one back without breaking a wing off.

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Great for high water

Reviewer: A viewer from Bridgeville, PA US

I tie these on wooly buggers and leeches when the water is high, muddy, and fast for steelhead and trout.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Houston, TX US

These little blades make it onto lots of my panfish flies. There is a reason they've been around so long...

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awesome action

Reviewer: A viewer from Cincinnati, OH US

These give all sorts of patterns an awesome action in the water. especially when its muddy and visability is low. I have also gotten strikes in the middle of winter from smallmouth when these enter there territories

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