Spirit River 20 Compartment Hook Storage Box

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20 Compartment Hook Storage Box

by: Spirit River | Item #: OF-900980-0000

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The ribbing in this box keeps your hooks from cross contaminating, and the rounded bottom makes it a breeze to remove a hook. The box measures 10" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/4".


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Best Hook Box Out There!

Reviewer: A viewer from Provo, Utah US

This is the best hook box I have used. It's not too big that it takes up a ton of space and the hooks stay in there compartments. I have used other boxes that say the hooks won't mix but I would always find my hooks mixed together. This box keeps everything neat and organized. I own six, best box out there!

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Go For The 10...

Reviewer: A viewer from Missoula, MT US

I bought these for inexpensive hook storage and have both the 10 and 20 compartment units. Honestly, I give the 10 compartment box a 5 star rating, but the 20 compartment box only a 3 star. The 10 unit is perfect, easy to open, very well latched with 3 separate connections and easy access to whatever is stored within. The 20 unit features the same thing, but the lid is a disaster. It's far more difficult to open either side and the lid easily becomes physically separated from the compartment base. Even though it seems like a better deal to get twice as much storage for not much more $$, it's a lesson in frustration. I can only really recommend the 10 compartment version and it's great. I will probably pick up a couple more. <i>J. Stockard comments: Unfortunately, the 10 compartment box has been discontinued by our supplier. We'll keep on the lookout for another supplier.</i>

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Almost great

Reviewer: A viewer from Vermont

I've got the 20 compartment box and I like it. It's way easier to keep my hooks organized and my desk neat and tidy than my old system. My one complaint is that the lid snaps open vigorously and I worry that someday I'll spend an hour sorting through ten different kinds of hooks. It's certainly not a chep product; I just hope the plastic will relax a bit over time.

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Keeps Your Hooks Where You Put Them

Reviewer: A viewer from Clifton Park, NY US

The three latches which hold the lid closed on these boxes create a tight fit between the lid and the container. Not even #28 dry fly hooks could cross-contaminate into neighboring cells when I held this box upside down and gave it a good shaking. The size of each cell is perfect as you can easily put a finger in and slide a hook out along the rounded sides. I also use this box for all of my bead heads, coneheads, and dumbell eyes. The plastic it is made from easily lets you write on it with a sharpie marker, and won't smear.

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really nice hook compartment box

Reviewer: A viewer from Herndon, VA US

this is really nice for holding your hooks! I have a 20compartment one for my hooks (one side for dry flies one for nymph/wet) i just purchased another 10 compartment box for beads and weight! I really like the fact that the sides are rounded so it is really easy to get the hooks out. small flies like 22 and smaller can slip through so it is nice to stick a magnet sheet in there from like a tiemco hook pack!

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