Loon Outdoors Swax Dubbing Wax

Swax Dubbing Wax

by: Loon Outdoors | Item #: OF-908500-0000

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Fly tying wax in an easy-to-use 1/2 oz. push-up dispenser. Use low tack wax for all-round and detailed work on small flies. High tack is best for hard-to-dub materials, dubbing loops and larger flies where dubbing buildup is desired. Contains odor-masking pheromones.


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Touch Dub

Reviewer: A viewer from Greendale, WI US

I have used this product for the last 5 years and love it. I use for the late Gary Lafontaine's method of touch dubbing on all my nymphs and soft hackles. The only problem that I have found with it is that is is a little hard to push it up threw the tube so I just take a razor blade and cut the tube so that the wax is exposed a little.

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Super Tacky

Reviewer: A viewer from Bethany, MO US

This stuff is extremely tacky. I use it a lot for touch dubbing and when using dubbing loops. One problem I have had is forgetting to put the lid back on. When it gets a little dry or you've got a bunch of junk on the top of the wax, you can just wipe the top layer of wax off on a piece of paper and it's good as new.

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Repair Split Jungle Cock Eyes

Reviewer: A viewer from Byfield, MA US

Use your dubbing wax to repair split jungle cock eyes. Simply run the split nail over the dubbing wax to 'glue' the two halves together before tying onto the fly. It works!

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A disappointment

Reviewer: A viewer from Potter County, PA

I was disappointed in this product. Not as tacky as I hoped for and a bit harder than ideal.

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sticky stuff

Reviewer: A viewer from Rehobeth, AL US

This wax is extremely sticky! I found it almost too gooey to work with this summer, but my tying area usually is about 80 degrees F. I got it to use with synthetic dubbings like Ice Dub, and found that when I got some of this wax on my fingers and twisted the dubbing, it tended to mat the dubbing down and make some of the shine go away. Didn't make any difference in the end, because when I fished the flies they looked the same as others. I ended up getting a tube of the "Low Tack" Swax because it suits me better. I put my tube of High Tack in the refrigerator- that makes a big difference until it warms up.

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