Turkey Biot Quills

by: Hareline | Item#: NM-790275-0000
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Hareline Turkey Biot Quills
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black $2.45
gray $2.45
brown $2.45
gray olive $2.45
blue winged olive $2.45
hendirckson $2.45
caddis green $2.45
light cahill $2.45
callibaetis $2.45
light olive $2.45
mahogany $2.45
olive $2.45
pale olive $2.45
pale morning dun $2.45
dark olive $2.45
purple $2.45
red $2.45
dark tan $2.45
rusty spinner $2.45
sulphur orange $2.45
trico $2.45
white $2.45
yellow $2.45
yellowish tan $2.45
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Great for quill-bodied flies, including nymphs and dries, wingcases, tails and quill wings. Similar to goose biots but much longer. 1 pair per package.


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Mixed review

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

I have mixed opinions about this. I feel goose is consistently better; stiffer w/better ribbing when wound. These biots seem soft and have to go through a few on the quill for biot to give the proper rib look and color if died. If you don't need the length stick with goose biot.

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Reviewer: from Northampton, MA US

I'm pretty new to fly tying and I kept seeing these amazing biot body flies. I bought one of these as well as stripped goose biots planning to tie my own. I've found that the turkey biot is a little bit more translucent and has a better range of colors on a biot than the goose. They are also longer which just works out, allowing more material to work with. I'm definitely sticking to turkey for biot bodies.

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Spinner Bodies

Reviewer: from Greendale, WI US

These make beautiful little spinner bodies all the way down to size 24 if the needs a rises. They work really well for nymphs, midges and antennae also.

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Good product

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

Good biots and great color selection. These are great for when you need a longer biot than goose can offer but these do behave a little different.

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Good product

Reviewer: from New Holland, PA US

Good product for tying your larger size patterns when goose is too short. Good color too!

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