Hareline Large Northern BuckTail

Large Northern BuckTail

by: Hareline | Item #: NM-775015-0000

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quantity Color your price
assorted 6 colors $5.75
assorted 6 fl. colors $5.75
black $4.85
bright purple $4.85
brown $4.85
camel $4.85
chartreuse $4.85
dark blue $4.85
fl. blue $4.85
fl. cerise $4.85
fl. yellow $4.85
gray ghost $4.85
gray $4.85
forest green $4.85
hot orange $4.85
hot pink $4.85
lavender $4.85
light olive $4.85
light pink $4.85
olive $4.85
purple $4.85
red $4.85
root beer $4.85
rust $4.85
sunburst yellow $4.85
tan $4.85
white $4.85
yellow $4.85
yellow olive $4.85

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Select quality - the best tails available, clean and evenly dyed. Available as whole tails or assortment packs of 6 popular colors or 6 fluorescent colors, approx. 1 inch squares.


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Good Bucktail, Don't Get the Variety Pack

Reviewer: A viewer from Pittsburgh, PA

These bucktails are really solid. The colors are nice, for the most part, and in my experience the hairs have been long with a relatively small amount of small or unusable hair. I ordered both variety packs and I wouldn't recommend them because they didn't come with one of the most common colors. I expected to receive an Olive but I didn't and 2 of the strips I received were rather skimpy or badly cut and had a lot of already detached hairs.

That's a problem from Hareline and not JStockard and the hairs and patches that were good were definitely good quality for someone who doesn't tie a lot of bucktail streamers. I was hoping to be able to tie a few of the most common bucktail streamers, but I still received a nice variety of colors even if they weren't what I was expecting and didn't let me tie all the flies I wanted to. Overall they are great bucktails but I'd recommend going with whole bucktails of the colors YOU want and don't waste money and time on the variety packs. For that I take away 1 star but still recommend the regular tails.

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Best quality consistently

Reviewer: A viewer from Christiansburg, VA

These tails are on average the best I've found. Usually I feel like I need to sort through the tails at fly shops to find the one with the longest fibers but these tails are consistently very long and full. The only problem I have had after ordering about a half-dozen is I ordered one in Root Beer and it is much more of a Tan color. Not at all what I was expecting but I have still found a use for it. I have yet to buy a tail that wasn't suitable for tying medium sized musky flies whereas other tails I have bought elsewhere have not been satisfactory.

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Tiny Southern DoeTail ?

Reviewer: A viewer from Rehobeth, AL US

unfortunately this is the first product to which I must give a poor rating. It is NOT the fault of J. Stockard, it is due to Hareline. I have tails taken from yearling whitetail does which are larger and have longer hair. This tail has quite a bit of hair slip, it's greasy, and has a strong odor even for a bucktail- and bucktails always have an odor. The hair length is satisfactory, but it has a high density of short hairs mixed with the long, which equals a lot of waste. The tail itself is very short compared to most other bucktails.
In fairness to Stockard, the tail does seem to come within an inch of the total length of the bag Hareline put it in. Someone from Hareline needs to take a drive to the northern half of the USA this winter to see what a "large" bucktail is. The folks at J. Stockard can't pick through each individual item, but the folks at Hareline should be more careful.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Clark, NJ US

Cant go wrong here you can use it for everything from clouser minnows to decievers. It is just great stuff. JS is only place to buy fly stuff just no other choice.

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Great Bucktails

Reviewer: A viewer from Midland, MI US

I usually get my bucktails at my local fly shop. I have heard that some online suppliers bucktails are not very good at all. Out of curiosity I ordered one from here. They are great quality! They are full and very evenly dyed. I never have to worry about the quality of any materials I order from J. Stockard.

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