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This vise was one of the first true rotary vises to break the $100 price barrier, and has won a loyal following. Most parts of the vise are made of molded Delrin resin, a very strong, lightweight material that makes the vise easy to carry and store. The steel jaws hold hooks ranging from size 28 up to 2/0 securely, and the vise stem is adjustable up to a full 6 1/2" and has a C-clamp base. A bobbin rest and instruction DVD are included.


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This is the Vise

Reviewer: A viewer from Auburn, GA US

This is the best vise I have ever owned.I have been tying for about 8 years and tied on several different types of vises and for the money you will never find one that performs as well.I would recommend it to the beginner or an advanced tyer,if my first one ever wears out I will replace it with another one just like it. Catch ya later

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Great Vise

Reviewer: A viewer from Oak Hill, WV US

This is the first and, so far, the only vise I've owned or used. Overall it does very well for me. I tie smaller size 18 trout flies up to size 1 bass flies and it holds all sizes of hooks securely.

It comes with a DVD to show you how to use it, but unless you're a beginner there isn't really any use in watching it.

I've thought about upgrading to a nicer vise but can't justify the reasoning or the price as this vice has always performed very well for me. I would recommend this for beginners and more seasoned tiers alike.

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A great buy for a beginner

Reviewer: A viewer from Cedar City, UT US

I have found the Danvise user friendly and extremely functional for all the styles of flies I tie. The video, included with the purchase, was simple to follow and highlighted the basics of equipment use. The unique C-Clamp design is intuitive and simple to setup; tension for hook size is easy to adjust and stays consistent throughout the tying process.

I would highly recommend this vise to anyone. A solid design at a great price point.

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great for beginner's to advanced

Reviewer: A viewer from Grand Junction, CO US

I have been tying for a year now and have used multiple vises along the way(rotary and non-rotary). Everytime I tie I learn something new about my own technique and the vise I am using. The danvise has taken my tying to a whole new level of enjoyment. This is simple yet the most versatile vise I have ever used. The stability of this vise is unmatched, it allows me to further master my thread tension capabilities. The adjustments of height, rotary tension and post position allow all ability levels the confidence needed to tie any patern. The jaws on the other hand are difficult to use unless you watch the DVD provided. It takes many adjustment to make sure your hook is set in properly and securely or you all ruin your jaws. If you are patient and make adjustments recommended via the DVD this vise makes tying a 28 - 0/2 a simple transition. I also find using a profile plate and waste container attachment beneficial when I tie. Standard accessories have a post hole bracket of 3/8. The danvise post is 10mm(which is slightly bigger). If you want those accessories to fit, buy a bracket with delrin (Dupont plastic) and drill a 10mm whole. Great vise and great value for your money!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Reviewer: A viewer from Exeter, NH US

I learned to tie on this vise and for someone looking for functionality, value and easy of use, I highly recommend the Danvise. This is a product that emphasizes function and utility over branding and looks. It may not look pretty, but it does the job well. While I wasn't fond of the c-clamp and the fact that standard sized accesories weren't compatable, the vise was more than capable. For under a $100, you can't go wrong.

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