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Fly of the Month – Nome’s Nuisance

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Nome Buckman, Portland, ME. Fly tying instructor, guide & educator. You can find her @ReelNorthLLC and on Facebook & Instagram

After an accidental one fly day  – I left all my fly boxes out to dry and out of eyesight – I had one fly on my patch when arriving at the river.  It was a very sad slump buster that did not start out all that great looking with my beginner’s hands – longer streamer hook, too lazy to put in the wire to matuka the bunny properly and so on.  It not only lasted my one day of fishing, it also landed some nice trout. It quickly became one of my ‘go to’ guide flies.  I took the best parts of a slumpbuster and matuka style flies to create a highly versatile, but very effective baitfish pattern.  I’ve found this pattern to be just as useful in larger sizes in the salt as well as in freshwater. more…

Fly of the Month – Krazy Eye Killa

Fly Tyer: Derek Hathazy

Derek designed the Krazy Eye Killa to move water and make noise. With its large deer hair head and glass rattle, it makes quite the disturbance in the water.

This fly is perfect for warm water species in creeks and lakes. It can be fished with a floating line as a popper or with a sinking line as a streamer. Your choice!



Fly of the Month – Satkowski’s Weedeater

Guest Blogger: John Satkowski, Toledo, OH, fly tying demonstrator and instructor, you can find him @ River Raisin Fly Company on Facebook

We have all been there, you want to throw your fly in the garbage and pull out a pig that you know is just sitting in there. The problem is between you and the fish of a lifetime is about seven yards of jungle and wood that would make Rambo cringe. How do you get your fly through the nasty and have it present cleanly to the monster buried within it? This is basically how Satkowski’s Weedeater was originated.


Hooks: Gamakatsu EWG 6/0 Offset Shank Worm and Owner 5131 Trailer Hook
Thread: 6/0 Chartreuse UNI thread
Tail: White craft fur, pearl Polar Flash
Body: Pearl body braid and Pearl Ice Dub
Sides: Pink Ice Dub, Keogh olive variant premium saddles
Wing: Chartreuse ostrich herl and chartreuse bucktail covered by dark green Polar Flash
Head: Chartreuse green Senyo Laser Yarn
Belly: White and light pink Senyo Laser Yarn
Eyes: Flymen Fish-Skull Living Eyes, Earth color 8.5-15mm depending on size of fly and hook
Weight/Rattle: 3mm glass worm rattle
Extras: latex trailer tubing, Zap A Gap adhesive more…