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A Picker At Heart

fiberglassFrom Guest Blogger: Jeff Price

No, not that type of picker!  Have you ever seen the show American Pickers?  I have, and I am a big fan.  Why?  Because I like the idea of rooting around trying to find something that no one has seen for quite a while and rescuing it, preserving it for others to enjoy.  My degree is in history.  As far back as I can remember, I have always loved history.  I always wanted to be an archaeologist because… well… let’s face it, I wanted to be Indiana Jones (still do, sometimes).  Later I came to realize that the idea of finding something and holding it for the first time in hundreds of years was thrilling to me. While not hundreds of years old, I feel the same way about vintage fiberglass fly rods. Two years ago, I made the switch to fiberglass rods and I haven’t looked back.


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Tying In Hand

Guest Blogger: Eunan Hendron, Eunan Blogs @ Addicted to Vise

Jungle Ghost

Jungle Ghost 1 8xl – Tied in Hand

Tying in hand is the art of tying flies without a vise or bobbin. Not many folks tie their flies this way any longer; it is a dying art, often practiced only by those who tie classic Atlantic salmon flies. However, some of the greatest tyers of the 20th century tied all their flies by hand, prime examples being Ms. Carrie Stevens and many of the famous Catskill dry fly originators. These days there are a smattering of tyers, particularly in the Pacific Northwest who tie fishing flies in hand for steelhead and salmon, and there are those of us who tie in hand, purely for the fun of the challenge. I’m in no way an expert at the craft, but I’ve enjoyed the little bit that I have done so much that I wanted to share the experience.