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The Failure Point

Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Failure_PointA colleague who has always had trouble getting his head around my fly fishing fascination (“But…isn’t it easier to buy frozen fish on your way home from work?”), who has struggled mightily, bless his heart, with the whole catch-&-release thing (“But…then what’s the point?”), who comprehends not the obsession for the finicky salmonid (“But…a fish is a fish…what’s wrong with those stocked catfish ponds?”), who has wagged his head and rolled his eyes at my preference for fly tackle (“But…can’t you just use a normal fishing pole?”) was last week listening patiently as I described the larger Deceivers and Clousers I’d been tying. more…

This May Be The Only Mouse Pattern You’ll Ever Need

Guest Blogger: Steve Culton

A game-used Master Splinter in olive and white. Clearly, the trout approved.

A game-used Master Splinter in olive and white. Clearly, the trout approved.

You have to chuckle at the lengths some tyers will go to sell their flies.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the mouse section of the fly bin. There they are, so cute and cuddly with their little black eyes, dainty ears and whiskers. Now, ask yourself a few questions. Do you really think a gator brown is going to check if that mouse-shaped thing floating over its lie has whiskers? Will it be able to see black eye dots on a grey fly at midnight on a new moon? Or, is the real purpose of that fly to attract and catch an angler? more…

Arts of the Angler Show

catskill fy fishing museumGuest Blogger: Lisa Weiner, Spey Casting NorthEast

Every fall I look forward to the upcoming fly fishing shows. The first one on my schedule is always the Arts of the Angler Show sponsored by the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, held at the Ethan Allen Inn in Danbury, CT. This year it was the weekend of Oct 31st/Nov 1st.

I look forward to this show in particular because I know that this will bring many old friends together and it’s also a chance to make new ones. I get the opportunity to sit down with many talented fly tyers, look at materials and books and to gather ideas for the upcoming tying season.

It was a beautiful fall weekend, too nice to be indoors. In spite of the weather and the pull to be playing in the river I loaded up the truck with Mystic fly rods, info on my Spey Casting Lessons and plenty of J. Stockard catalogs to share. After setting up my vise and tying a few spey flies, I answered questions about spey casting, fly tying and my favorite rods.

Walking the show I had some time to talk to some of the fly tyers. I am always amazed at the talented people that are at this show. Every type of fly was being tied – from tiny dry flies that look like they will fly away at any second to beautiful full dress salmon flies. The best part is that everyone was happy to take the time to share a story or a favorite fly pattern with lots of lively conversation, meeting up with old friends and making new ones with the same passion. The day passed too quickly. I hardly noticed I was inside all day!

If you have not attended one of the many fly fishing shows you might want to look into one in your area. It is a great way to learn new skills and make new friends. And you never know, you might inspire someone that is just getting into fly fishing.