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Anglers Image Tippet Rings

Tippet Rings

by: Anglers Image | Item #: LL-295020-0000

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quantity Size Color your price
5/64" silver $4.95
5/64" black nickel $5.55
3/32" black nickel $5.95

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These alloy rings are very small, smooth and seamless connectors between your leader and tippet. Tie one on the end of your leader, then tie the tippet onto the ring These rings make changing or replacing tippet easy without nibbling away at the leader. May be used on any leader system and are excellent for tying droppers. Because the rings are so small and easy to lose, we sell them strung on a wire swivel. Available in 5/64" for light to medium leader or 3/32" size for heavy leader and tippet. 10 rings per package.

Other Details

 Silver 5/64" rings are packaged on a clip with a long swivel. Black rings in both sizes are packaged on a clip with a short swivel.


Average Customer Rating: (23 Reviews) Write Review

Good if you have the discipline to use them

Reviewer: A viewer from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

These work well from having you slowly eat away at leaders. Tie one on and then tie your tippet on. Work well for moldable weights. Have to develop a system for initially tying one on. I use a safety pin to hold them and take it off once it is tied. Sometimes just tying knots is less frustrating.

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Pleasantly surprised

Reviewer: A viewer from Greenville, SC US

I bought these tippet rings and after a bit of reluctance tied one on to a tippet that went to a single dry fly. I was expecting it to pull the dry fly under but it didn't. I was impressed and more inclined to change my tippet when I needed to (4x that day).

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Droppers are easy

Reviewer: A viewer from Bethany, MO US

I use a lot of two and three fly rigs and these tippet rings make doing this much easier. I'll put one of these at the end of my leader and tie a 6 inch and a 12-20 inch piece of tippet to the ring. The 6 inch piece is used for the top dropper and the 12-20 inch piece is used for the point fly. The ring makes it easy to replace whole sections without having to replace the whole rig.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Fond Du Lac, WI US

I bought these to see if they would hold up to heavier fish... Steelhead..... Well i just got them in and tested to see how strong they are.... if they could take the load... tied 10lb tippet to it on both sides.... no problem.. broke the tippet.. 12lb broke the tippet again.. no signs of bending... was going to do 15lb but i am but from the looks, these things would go all the way to 20lb... Only thing i wish is that they were 3mm ring... 2mm is hard to work with when your using heavier lines.... But over all glad i bought them...

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Great for cold hands

Reviewer: A viewer from Potter County, PA

These things are a day saver when trying to change tippet with numb fingers while steelheading. They also make it really easy to attach a much lighter tippet than usual to a heavier leader and not have to worry about your knot slipping.

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