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Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance Fly Line

Mastery Expert Distance Fly Line

by: Scientific Anglers | Item #: LL-220720-0000

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mist green WF5F $74.95
mist green WF6F $74.95
mist green WF7F $74.95
mist green WF8F $74.95
orange WF5F $74.95
orange WF6F $74.95
orange WF7F $74.95

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Smooth casting and excellent accuracy, with exceptional delivery from all casting ranges. This fly line shoots like a rocket and provides outstanding line control at long and short range. It's perfect for western U.S. fishing conditions, which often require casting large flies long distances without sacrificing presentation. Roll casts and mends at long distance like a DT line, but with superior shootability. Taper characteristics: The extra-long compound head design puts more weight in the front of the head to delay turnover at long range for superior delivery. A long front taper makes for smooth turnover and a long rear taper and running line work together to provide incredible control from long range

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