J2 604 Jig Hook

by: J. Stockard | Item#: HK-012604-0000
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J. Stockard J2 604 Jig Hook
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50 6 $6.45
50 8 $6.45
50 10 $6.45
50 12 $6.45
50 14 $6.45
50 16 $6.45
100 6 $11.95
100 8 $11.95
100 10 $11.95
100 12 $11.95
100 14 $11.95
100 16 $11.95
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Our J2 Fly Hooks have the quality to meet the needs of serious fly tyers while offering great value. They have high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened points and micro barbs for quick penetration and easy barb crushing. J2 604 Jig Hook Style: Flat eye, 60 degree angle, medium wire, round bend and a bronze finish. Use: jig flies. Similar to: Daiichi 4640. PLEASE NOTE: These hooks run large compared to other jig hooks. Use our image with the scale to select your size.


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Good hooks, but beware of the size!

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I've been rather impressed with the J.Stockard hook line lately. They have a better price for the 50 pack than they used to and to me they're comparable to Dai-riki hooks. They're similar in price and about the same cost to quality ratio.

These hooks have a very nice shape to them and are considerably longer than your average fly tying jig hook. They're also quite a lot larger. This is a double edged sword, as I ordered size 16 Jig hooks only to find they're a fair bit bigger, in length and width, than my size 14 jig hooks from a different manufacturer. So I look at it as I essentially ordered Size 14 Jig Hooks 2xLong. Fortunately, I can make use of this, but BEWARE of this if you're looking for smaller size jig hooks.

There's nothing wrong with the quality of the hooks, other than the occasional bad hook in a pack. All in all, this just means you'll have to look to a different hook brand to get the smaller sizes like true 16 or 18.

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nice, reasonable hook

Reviewer: from rio rancho nm

These are nice reasonably priced hooks for jig nymphs. The only thing to be aware of is they run large. I bought size 10-16 and the 16's have the gape of a size 12.

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Reviewer: from wichita, ks

Actually, the hooks are fine. I would give more stars, but they appear large to be for the size indicated as compared to other brands. I laid them by other hooks and their 12 is about the size of a 10 in most other brands, etc.

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less snags

Reviewer: from SW PA

Used these to tie small crawfish, prince nymphs and stoneflies. All have worked great on trout and smallmouth with much less snagging of the bottom. strong hooks.

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