Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers 3-D

EP Fibers 3-D

by: Enrico Puglisi | Item #: SM-760004-0000

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anchovy $7.45
back country $7.45
baitfish belly $7.45
baitfish olive $7.45
black $7.45
ocean blue $7.45
blue stratosphere $7.45 $7.39
blue $7.45 $7.39
brown $7.45
chartreuse $7.45
eel green $7.45
everglades $7.45
gray $7.45
menhaden $7.45
mullet $7.45
golden olive $7.45
olive $7.45
orange $7.45
pilchard $7.45 $7.39
purple $7.45
sand $7.45
mutton snapper $7.45 $7.39
tarpon streamer $7.45

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3-D Fibers have beautifully blended colors of EP fibers to match baitfish shades. EP fibers are light, amazingly translucent and have an action between marabou and bucktail. 10" in length.


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How to make EP fiber more managable

Reviewer: A viewer from San Antonio, TX US

Overall this is a great product. One complaint is that the fiber is hard to seperate. One trick I have learned is to carry a small comb in your fly tying bag (like the cheap ones you get from your barber. IF you comb out the fiber first and remove the kinks, it makes a world of difference in handling when seperating and tying!

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EP FIbers

Reviewer: A viewer from South Florida

Great product and a must have for saltwater fly tiers. Very easy to handle and tie when making bait fish, crab or shrimp patterns. Tip 1 is to not use too much material at once. When you believe you have the right amount then use half that amount. Tip 2 is to have a comb and a sharp pair of scissors because you will need to trim this material in order to get your desired shape.

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Excwllent streamer material

Reviewer: A viewer from Royal Oak, MI US

After trying bucktail and numerous other materials for baitfish patterns, I have come to the opinion that EP fiber is one of, if not THE best material for getting the most movement out of a baitfish style streamer!

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EP fibers 3-D

Reviewer: A viewer from Ocala, FL US

These fibers come in awesome colors and are great for building up baitfish patterns. I've also found them to be great fibers for toad flies and crab patterns. The opportunities with these materials are endless. My only issue with the product is that sometimes separating the fibers from the hank can cause for some wasted material as the fibers tend to stick together. But all in all this is a fantastic product.

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Natural Color Blends for realistic patterns

Reviewer: A viewer from San Antonio, TX US

For those who have used traditional EP fiber, you know its versatility. The 3-D fibers add another notch of perfection with their natural color blends. The color combinations add life-like realism to your baitfish, crabs and any of the other great EP patterns. These are a "must have" item in your fly tying arsenal.

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