Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers

EP Fibers

by: Enrico Puglisi | Item #: SM-760002-0000

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quantity Color your price
beige $6.15 $4.98
sand $6.15 $4.98
black $6.15 $4.98
navy blue $6.15 $4.98
royal blue $6.15 $4.98
sky blue $6.15 $4.98
steel blue $6.15 $4.98
bronze $6.15 $4.98
brown $6.15 $4.98
bucktail white $6.15 $4.98
dark brown $6.15 $4.98
gold $6.15 $4.98
golden olive minnow $6.15 $4.98
golden olive $6.15 $4.98
gray $6.15 $4.98
green chartreuse $6.15 $4.98
emerald green $6.15 $4.98
silver gray $6.15 $4.98
lavender $6.15 $4.98
minnow (lt. gray) $6.15 $4.98
dark olive (grayish) $6.15 $4.98
olive $6.15 $4.98
light olive $6.15 $4.98
orange $6.15 $4.98
sunrise $6.15 $4.98
pink $6.15 $4.98
pale olive minnow $6.15 $4.98
purple $6.15 $4.98
red $6.15 $4.98
rust $6.15 $4.98
salmon pink $6.15 $4.98
spearmint green $6.15 $4.98
sulphur $6.15 $4.98
tan $6.15 $4.98
turquoise $6.15 $4.98
white $6.15 $4.98
polar white $6.15 $4.98
yellow chartreuse $6.15 $4.98
yellow $6.15 $4.98
light yellow $6.15 $4.98

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These fibers are light, amazingly translucent and have an action between marabou and bucktail. 10" in length.


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Great action

Reviewer: A viewer from Palm Coast, FL US

These fibers do make some of the best looking saltwater flies I've ever tied. It takes a little bit to get used to tying with them, but it's definitly worth it.

The fly can get fouled easily while casting, but it's not that big of a deal. However, it will get very messy when you catch a fish. You will need to take some time to clean up the fly (have a comb handy). So, don't use it when you are expecting to catch a lot of fish in a short period of time (trout at the lights, spanish mackeral, chasing schools of small redfish, bluefish, etc.)

When you are looking for that one fish that just wont take another fly, pull out something tied with EP fibers.

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Top of the Line Fibers

Reviewer: A viewer from CANON CITY, CO USA

These are a little pricy up front, but great value in the end. Can be used to increase quality presentation for minnows and streamers. I also have used these for emergers and they work great.

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Expensive, But Useful

Reviewer: A viewer from BOURG, LA USA

I use EP Fibers regularly for my crab flies. It does make my wallet cry everytime I use it because it is so expensive, but it works like a charm

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Reviewer: A viewer from Springwood, QUEENSLAND AU

Just like its cousin, 3D Minnow Fibres, this fibre is versatile in its usage. I use it for crab patterns, as well as creating EP Fibre Minnows. Having this material in your fly tying box, just provides another medium to tie flies when some of the other flies are not working too well. Michael

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the possibilities are endless

Reviewer: A viewer from Craryville, NY US

this material allows you to create just about any shape you want.just tie the fibers on a hook and cut to shape.the fibers are lightweight and don't absorb water-which makes casting the largest flies a breeze.the only down size they fowl the hook easy and you are constantly straightin out the fibers but its worth it to cast flies larger than you would ever dream of. you can also get creative with ep fibers and tie artistic flies worthy of framing

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