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by: Whiting Farms | Item#: NM-630055-0000
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Whiting Farms Bugger Pack
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grizzly / yellow $24.95
black $24.95
grizzly dyed brown $24.95
grizzly dyed golden olive $24.95
grizzly dyed olive $24.95
grizzly dyed orange $24.95
grizzly $24.95
white dyed brown $24.95
white dyed coachman $24.95
white dyed medium dun $24.95
white $24.95
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From the company that has set the industry standard for quality hackle, we offer Bugger Packs of feathers for palmering woolly buggers. Bugger Pack feathers are suitable for hook sizes 10 and larger, and offer the tyer an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill.

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10 Stars...Seriously!

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT US

Five stars isn't enough for these bugger packs. If you're into tying buggers or big flies, these packs will get you a LOT of them and are well worth their price. You get two patches, one with larger sizes (say 4-10) and a second patch for smaller sizes (about 10-16 or so). I love the grizzly styles, they look great when combined with some of the fancier chenille and/or marabou. Colors and quality are what you'd expect from Whiting. I have zero complaints and that rarely happens for me. I fully expect these to be twice the price next time I buy them...which, fortunately, won't be for a LONG time.

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Excellent Bugger Hackle

Reviewer: from Stamford, CT

This hackle is by far the best I've been able to find for tying Wolly Buggers - I highly recommend it.

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We've long needed this

Reviewer: from Whitehorse, Yukon

For years, finding the right hackle for buggers in sizes 8-10 has been a challenge. Sometimes you get a few feathers off the margins of a dry cape, sometimes a few from that cheap India hen will lay flat. Usually it's just frustrating, to the point that you end up using dry fly rooster hackle. Too stiff, but the right length and the stems don't twist. Now we have the right stuff, in the right colours, in the right sizes for WBuggers but also for many other palmered wet flies. This is a good deal at a good price, but mostly, it fills a real need in a very satisfactory way.

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Amazing Buggers

Reviewer: from Lawrenceville, GA US

I was referred this product by a friend. I was in bad need for some new feathers fro my Wooly Buggers and ordered. There were two patches per pouch and they are loaded with useable material. The black one I ordered has beautiful color with different hues of green, blue, and purple in them. I cant wait to use them and would recommend these over most other brands. There are feathers tat can be used from size 4 all the way to 12 and that's hard to find in a prepackaged pack.

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Great deal

Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

I'm glad to see these on J. Stockard. These packs are a great deal. You get great amount of hackle for the price. The hackle is from rooster necks. Its great for buggers, and woolly worms. Also full range of sizes, You can hackle any size bugger. You even get some dry fly hackles in sizes 8-14. Cant beat whiting.

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