Thin Skin

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-751020-0000
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Wapsi Thin Skin
quantity Color your price
black $2.75
brown $2.75
bustard natural $2.75
bustard olive $2.75
clear $2.75
fly specks clear/black $2.75
fly specks olive/black $2.75
fly specks tan/black $2.75
light olive $2.75
mottled oak golden stone $2.75
mottled oak natural $2.75
mottled oak olive $2.75
olive $2.75
tan $2.75
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This thin (0.004" thick), plastic film is stretchable and can be used on flies down past size 18. The backing makes it easy to cut to width - great for wingcases, backs and scuds. Solid colors are opaque with a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other. Mottled colors are translucent with mottling resembling the pattern on natural turkey wings. The bustard has a finer mottling pattern. 2" x 7", 1 piece per package; choose from 13 colors.

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Great stuff and a great selection

Reviewer: from PITTSBURGH, PA USA

Thin Skin has a wide variety of uses due to the fact that you can cut it into any shape and size that you want. The different colors and pattern variations open up a huge number of uses and options and at the price you could really get a large variety of patterns for a good price. Its somewhat stretchy but firm enough that its difficult to over stretch the material and it makes for absolutely excellent scud backs and wing casings. Sometimes I wish I could order them pre-cut to size because I mostly only use them in 1 size and it can be a bit of a pain to cut them consistently. That's about my only down side to them but if you get yourself a cheap paper cutter for around $5 or $10 then that mostly eliminates human error in cutting them for size. Its my go-to for scuds and looks just as good as a wing casing or a body material if cut to size.

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very workable

Reviewer: from Pa

This thin skin is great for wing cases, very easy to work with and can tie a lot of flies.

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Great product.

Reviewer: from Belgrade, MT

Great product for backs on nymphs. Easy to use and durable.

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Works well for wing cases

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

There are a lot of similar products out there but for the cost and color selection I don't think you can beat thin skin. Works great for wing cases and the sheet will last you for a lot of flies.

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Very realistic product

Reviewer: from CANON CITY, CO USA

This is a very user friendly product excellent for wing cases and scud backs. Will continue with this Wapsi brand for the foreseeable future.

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