SLF Prism Dubbing

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-012300-0000
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Wapsi SLF Prism Dubbing
quantity Color your price
amber $2.25
black $2.25
brown olive $2.25
bright yellow $2.25
burnt orange $2.25
caddis green $2.25
chocolate brown $2.25
dispenser #1 w/ 12 colors $13.45
dispenser #2 w/ 12 colors $13.45
electric blue $2.25
fl. fire orange $2.25
fl. chartreuse $2.25
fl. orange $2.25
fl. pink $2.25
fl. red $2.25
fl. yellow $2.25
hares ear $2.25
hot purple $2.25
ice pearl $2.25
light gray $2.25
light olive $2.25
olive $2.25
peacock $2.25
pearl $2.25
red $2.25
rusty brown $2.25
sand $2.25
shrimp pink $2.25
tan $2.25
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This state-of-the-art SLF (Standard Living Fiber) dubbing is made from a multi-laminated synthetic that actually reflects light back to the eye in a separated spectrum, like a prism. It has been processed to preserve its fish-catching eye appeal. See Other Details for colors in the dispenser assortments.

Other Details

Colors in Dispenser #1: cream, burnt orange, light gray, tan, light olive, caddis green, olive, black, chocolate brown, peacock, hares ear, pearl. Colors in Dispenser #2: clear, bright yellow, rusty brown, red, hot purple, brown olive, amber, charcoal, sand, shrimp pink, electric blue, ice pearl.

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Prism SLF makes a great thorax

Reviewer: from Ohio

Some of my most productive flies are simple spiders using a Prism SLF thorax. Remarkable success with these flies in tough central Pennsylvania waters and in challenging conditions in Wyoming has convinced me that this dubbing is indispensable. Try a "black and silver" spider with peacock SLF dubbing as taught by Davy Wotton in his tying DVD. This stuff is fantastic!

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Lots of flash!

Reviewer: from Cumberland Plateau.

I really like the flash. I prefer a longer fiber as I tile mostly streamers.

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Great for small nymphs and dries

Reviewer: from Idaho

I am amazed that more people don't use this is place of Ice dub to be honest. I love Ice dub but it's a little more course than what I like for smaller flies like the purple haze. This stuff dubs on nice and tight though and works great for small nymphs and dries, I also like the color spectrums better. The brown-olive, and the purple are my two favorites but I fin uses for man of them.

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Great Dubbing

Reviewer: from Brookville, OH, USA

I tie super simple wax worm flies for panfish with the tan color. Simply beautiful stuff and easy to use. Love it!!

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all type dubbing

Reviewer: from montrose, co

good for every different type of fly. adds the perfect amout of flash

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