Natural Fur Dubbing

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-012410-0000
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Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing
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australian opposum $2.55
beaver $2.55
natural black squirrel $2.55
camel $2.55
coyote mask $2.55
dispenser $14.95
dark hare's mask $2.55
fox squirrel $2.55
fox squirrel belly $2.55
gray squirrel $2.55
light hare's mask $2.55
mink $2.55
muskrat $2.55
olive hare's mask $2.55
pine squirrel $2.55
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A variety of hard-to-find, all natural fur dubbings. Perfect for those one-off's, for which a little will do the job.

Other Details

Dispenser includes all colors except natural black squirrel and fox belly squirrel.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars(2 Reviews) Write a Review

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Wapsi Natural fur Dubbing 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from New Zealand

This dubbing material is the best because it is natural. Synthetics are good but natural products gives the fly more character. I used to buy the skins but the range of colors that they have made available makes it easier and you get to add your own sparkle to it with blending. One packet goes along way. Top product from Wapsi. Tight Lines

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Fox Squirrel Belly 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Pottstown PA, USA

Excellent dubbing! Perfect amount of "spikiness" to "fine underfur" mix. Not an obnoxious amount of spikes or guard hairs, but they are mixed in to be sure. Dubs like a dream. Wax helps, sure, but so does saliva, and with these dubbings, you don't even need anything added - they just dub themselves. If your thread is waxed from the manufacturer, that's plenty to have these dubbings dub perfectly. What I like best about this dubbing, especially the fox squirrel belly, is that you can get a nice tight dubbing noodle that SEEMS to be tighter than anything I've ever been able to get with the stuff straight from a hide. That said, if you're seeking big and bushy flies, that is equally possible with this dubbing - you simply have to pick out the fibers with some velcro (yes, or with one of the various dubbing brushes on after tying it in. My only complaint, and really it isn't much of a complaint, is that the package of dubbing is ever so slightly smaller than other packages of dubbing on the market, but considering how little dubbing is required per fly, the package lasts for several hundreds of flies. Overall, I rate this a 5 of 5 stars. Even with the size considerations, the price is well worth what you get for your money!

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