Natural Fur Dubbing

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-012410-0000
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Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing
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australian opposum $2.55
beaver $2.55
natural black squirrel $2.55
camel $2.55
coyote mask $2.55
dispenser $14.95
dark hare's mask $2.55
fox squirrel $2.55
fox squirrel belly $2.55
gray squirrel $2.55
light hare's mask $2.55
mink $2.55
muskrat $2.55
olive hare's mask $2.55
pine squirrel $2.55
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A variety of hard-to-find, all natural fur dubbings. Perfect for those one-off's, for which a little will do the job.

Other Details

Dispenser includes all colors except natural black sqirrel and fox belly squirrel.


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