Hungarian Partridge Skin

by: Wapsi | Item#: NM-790260-0000
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Wapsi Hungarian Partridge Skin
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grade #1 natural, 1/2 skin $19.95
grade #1 olive $35.95
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The ultimate soft hackle fly material. Buying the whole skin gives you the most feathers in the best condition.

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Most excellent!

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, PA US

As the other reviewers have mentioned, if you are tying soft hackles, this is what you want. The quality of the feathers are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the individual packages, as a result my soft hackles look much improved. There is an excellent variety of feather sizes and colors on the natural skin. The packages I've ordered in the past are more limited in sizes and certainly colors. Very pleased with my decision to purchase the skin. If you are on the fence, just go for it. You will be quite pleased.

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Completely worth the investment.

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you're like me, then you bought a few packages of Partridge feathers all mixed up and strewn about in a bag to save some money. Half of the feathers useless or a mess and the other half were usable but nothing more. The bags are kind of nice for having several different colors, but if you want your soft hackles, and soft hackle streamers to really have that extra quality, i'd recommend a full Partridge skin to anyone. Your soft hackles will look nicer, you'll always be able to find the correct size feather and the skin itself has quite a few different colors in varying shades of brown, white and gray, plus barred variations. I personally bought the Grade #1 Natural Full Skin, and whats amazing is that the amount of feathers on the skin and the fact that I don't tie a TON of soft hackles means that this skin is going to last me a long, long time. Absolutely worth the investment. And damn amazing quality on the skin I received.

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Great Skin

Reviewer: from Northern VA

I am not sure why I haven't been tying with partrdige any sooner. The feathers are great, skins are fine quality. There are lots of sizes for just about any soft hackle I could think of. Especially like the smaller sizes for collars on nymphs. This is my new "go to" material for tying.

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if you tie Soft hackles...

Reviewer: from Flowery Branch, GA US

If you tie Soft Hackles at all you need to have one of these skins...You can tie the classic spider patterns that were deadly hundred years ago that are still deadly today...I will definitely be ordering more of these Partridge skins in different colors.

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Outstanding quality

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

A must have for soft hackles!

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